What to Know About Engagement and Wedding Rings

What is the difference between red and white gold? And how many rings should the groom wear? There is uncertainty in many areas when it comes to everything that has to do with engagement and wedding rings.

Below, we answer the most common questions about rings.

What is the difference between red and white gold?

Gold’s natural color is yellow, but to get white gold, palladium needs to be added. To create other color changes to the gold’s natural color, other metal components are added in different proportions. The wear resistance can be said to be the same for both red and white gold, but white gold requires a regular rhodium plating to preserve the beautiful white shine that only white gold has.

The bride will have two rings. An engagement ring and a wedding ring. But should the husband have an engagement ring and a wedding ring, as well?

Surely the man wears just one ring? In a traditional context, that’s exactly what you say. You as a bride wear two rings, an engagement ring, and a wedding ring while the groom usually wears a ring. The ring the groom wears, he uses as an engagement ring before the wedding itself and “transforms” into a wedding ring during the ceremony and remains a wedding ring after the ceremony. As you say, the groom usually takes off the ring before the ceremony and again wears it on in the ceremony to unite in the duality.

A good idea is to make sure to groom the groom’s ring before the ceremony itself so that it will be like new again! When it comes to dates that are in the ring, there are usually two. They can be seen as reminders, a date for the engagement day, and one for the wedding day. But there are no rules around this, and it is up to you what you want to write in your rings. That being said, all of these choices are extremely personal. Some grooms have two rings just like the bride has, while others only have one wedding ring and no engagement ring.

Is there any reason not to choose platinum for your rings?

Platinum is an excellent choice for someone who prefers a white and cooler tone in their jewelry. Platinum has many good properties such as good durability, durable, preservation of shimmer like rhodium-plated white gold. In addition, maintenance is not required as much as gold, as the metal is harder. Apart from its positive properties, there are no specific reasons for choosing platinum. Again, more of a personal taste!

You should always wear your engagement ring or wedding ring, but some take off the rings during various activities. Why do you do this? Isn’t it better to “get used” to always have the ring on, no matter what activity you do? Again, this is personal. Some probably think it is super important to wear rings in all situations. However, it is recommended to remove the rings in certain activities, for example when doing housework or when carrying heavy shopping bags. In fact, the metal of which the rings are made, especially gold, is relatively soft and easily scratched and worn. So in other words, it is to protect and preserve them.

There are many ways to arrange a marriage. For example, one may have asked the question on a special occasion, and after that visit a jeweler and let the future bride/groom decide the ring. When the marriage is arranged in this way, we often see that it is at this time that they both buy their rings.

But again, some people like to surprise and have bought a ring in advance. Nowadays, there are no direct guidelines on how to do it or which rings to buy. It can be a diamond ring, as well as a smooth engagement ring. Just do what feels best to you, then it can’t go wrong!

Ring engraving

Usually, the part of the engraving containing the date is usually identical. Alternatively, the name or initials of their future spouse may also be added next to the date. There are also no rules when it comes to engraving, so use your wild imagination and write something you feel is right for you!

How to find the perfect wedding ring

That magical moment when you finally get to put on on your partner’s wedding ring at the wedding is a moment you will never forget. The wedding ring you get on your ring finger is forever a symbol of the incredibly fine and emotional moment, and is therefore so much more than “just” a ring!

However, finding your ring can be both tricky and confusing. The range is huge, you probably have a budget to follow, and you might not be used to wearing that type of jewelry. So how do you find the right ring? Here are our best tips for not getting lost in the jungle of jewelry!

Start from what you have

Since you’re going to get married, you’re probably already wearing an engagement ring. How this is designed is of the utmost importance, as it will now have a lifelong mate. There are usually two starting points:

If you have a smooth engagement ring you can basically pair it with any type of ring – let the wedding ring be the icing on and bet on one that stands out! Don’t be afraid to mix metals either: red gold and white gold can be worn together.

Engagement ring with one or more gemstones

If you are already wearing a ring with stones, you have to think a little differently. The rings must not compete with each other, but should shine just as well both. If you have an engagement ring with a solitary stone, for example, it will be a crash if your wedding ring also has only one stone.

If you have an engagement ring with many small stones, then, of course, you can do the opposite: choose a wedding ring with one or more stones. Of course, a smooth wedding ring also works!k


Of course, it may feel a bit unromantic to have a budget to decide when to find your dream ring. But if we are to be realistic, that is what it looks like for most people. Should the ring be included in your wedding budget, or do you take that cost in addition to the other? It can be good to decide before if it is that you need to prioritize and possibly move around a bit in the budget if the ring should cost a little more than expected.

The most important thing is that you feel good in your decision and that you should be happy every time you look at your ring – do not get stomach pain because it was “too” expensive.

Represent yourself

The ring really has one important task besides being a symbol of your love, and that is to represent you. It is you who will wear it for many years to come, and it is therefore important that it feels “you”.

Think about what you feel most comfortable in: something subtle and simple, cocky and protruding, modern and unique, classic, and traditional… yes, the ring should match with your personality. If you are not sure what you like, try a few different variants to see what feels natural to wear. You’ll know when you have found “the one”.

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