A Guide to Engraving Jewelry

Learn everything you need to know about engraving and how to make your gift, depending on who you buy the jewelry for, a unique gift. In this article, we share ideas for engraving for dads, grooms, and even those who graduate.

Having an engraved accessory is the best way to give a unique and memorable gift. How likely are you to ever meet someone else with the exact same engraving as you?

Whether you want your new chronograph engraved or to give away to a relative, adding your own engraving is a perfect way to give them a unique and thoughtful gift.

The very idea of ​​making an accessory personal can sound exciting, but an engraving can also be something you regret if you haven’t thought your engraving through.

The most important thing is to think about and take some time before you decide on your engraving so that you are 100% certain.

The fact that it is more or less like a tattoo. Get it right the first time or wear long sleeves and sweaters for the rest of your life.
Before celebrating graduation, anniversary or your best friend’s wedding with engraved jewelry, take a look at our suggestions on how to get it right the first time.

Types of engraving

For over 60,000 years, engraving has been used to make life more personal. Whether it’s your private collection of ostrich eggs or your favorite signature ring, your own engraving makes them unique.
And as with most things nowadays, you can get it in record time – 35 seconds per ring with our laser engraving machine.

Hand engraving

Engraving done by hand is a real art. Because the work is done by an experienced craftsman, the result is not as precise and as uniform as with laser engraving.
The appealing hand engraving is the old-fashioned charm it has and its unique style. But this has a price. Both in terms of time and money.

Round engraving

Round engraving uses a rotary cutting tool controlled by a computer and the result is a precise engraving. It is most commonly used for metals such as gold, sterling silver, steel and copper.
The main disadvantage of this technology is that it cannot be used on heat-sensitive materials. The friction it creates heats up and can damage sensitive jewelry containing plastic, glass and some precious stones.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving uses, as the name suggests, a laser. A high-focus laser beam creates heat during the engraving process and evaporates everything it touches – leaving your personal message. It is incredibly fast and offers a wide range of fonts, symbols and styles.

This technology can be used on metal, stone, leather, and wood. It offered precision and clear text. To get deeper markings, the process can be repeated. Unlike hand and round engraving, no tools come into contact with the surface. This means that there is much less chance of the product being damaged or bent out of shape.

Can laser engraving wear off or is it permanent? The strength of the engraving depends on the material of the object. Soft metals (such as gold and silver) can be easily scratched and the engraving will wear off over time. Engraving in tougher materials such as tungsten, stainless steel and titanium will last a lifetime.

Engravement jewelry gifts for men
It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for dad, your brother, best friend or for someone’s wedding, every guy appreciates a gift that has been thought through.
And nothing is more special than a personal engraving … made for just him.

Engraving inspiration

The name “personal engraving” says it all – it’s personal!
Deciding what to laser engrave sounds easy enough … until you are faced with the box with “your text” and its 20 character limit.
The most common question people about engravings is “what should I engrave on this one?”. Finding a meaningful word or making it not sound like you’re a stalker is not easy.

Everyone may need some inspiration. We have compiled a list of our favorites from engravings and added some of our own for inspiration. All within the 20 character limit.

Jewelry engraving ideas for dads

It can be to your dad, stepfather, father-in-law, or grandfather / grandfather, it does not make it easier to say how you really feel. It is even more difficult to say it in 20 characters or less.
Deciding to give him something with a personal engraving is simple enough. But what do you want to say? We have the inspiration for you here:

  • Love you dad
  • You helped me become me
  • The world’s best father
  • Better than a tie
  • No one else is like you
  • I want to be like you!
  • You are my hero
  • I owe you everything
  • My teacher. My father.

Jewelry engraving ideas for Boyfriends and couples

Okay girls, hard to come up with the right word? Sure, your men know you care … but it doesn’t hurt to be a little extra confident om your jewelry engraving.

Whether you are going to have an engraving for your boyfriend, hubby or future husband, it can be hard to come up with something that is beautiful, meaningful and that does not come from a romantic comedy.

  • My heart is yours
  • Always yours
  • Stuck with me
  • The future is ours
  • Eternally mine
  • Legally mine
  • Forever Yours
  • I promise forever

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