How to Polish Silver Jewelry

How to keep your silver jewelry beautiful

Silver is extremely beautiful – but it also has the ability to wear coatings and platings that make it uglier. This applies whether it is about the silver cutlery you inherited from your grandmother or if it is about the nice ring you got from your boyfriend and that you use on a daily basis.

It is not about patina either – silver does not become more beautiful by the yellow coatings that settle; and which additionally gets darker – and darker to finally take on almost black color – silver will no doubt be uglier.

Sulfur hydrogen and oxygen are the major culprits for this staining and it is also impossible to protect the silver from these; it is found on the skin, in perfumes, in cigarette smoke, in dishes, in plastic, in rubber and so on. If you have silver jewelry that has received ugly deposits, it is not due to neglect or carelessness; it is about natural causes and fortunately, there are methods that can remove the ugly membrane again.

It sounds expensive and it sounds dangerous? Not at all. When talking about cleaning silver jewelry, many people take for granted that this must mean an expensive process where you have to buy a lot of chemical agents and where you also expose yourself to some danger.

Clean your silver with baking soda

For that matter, we believe that you should avoid it and we believe that you should avoid cleaning silver jewelry with other products that are available to buy. Why? For the simple reason that you can get your jewelry just as clean by using things that are in your pantry. We show how!

To clean your silver jewelry you need: A tub. Aluminum foil. Baking Soda. Cleaning cloth.

As a first step, you cover the bottom of your tub with aluminum foil – it doesn’t have to be a big tub; a regular bowl is enough. Then you sprinkle on a few tablespoons of plain baking powder and you boil some water in a saucepan or in your kettle.

Place your silver jewelry on the aluminum foil, pour on the water – it will cuddle, bubble and crack quite a lot! – and let it drag for a few minutes. When the water has cooled, you pick up your silver jewelry, rinse it, and polish with your cloth.

Here you will find that all coatings – whether yellow or black – have disappeared. Simple, cheap, and effective!

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