A Guide to Jewelry Types all Women Should Own

Jewelry should be a part of every woman’s outfit – no matter the occasion or outfit.

Finding the perfect jewelry can be difficult, but what is often forgotten, however, is that there are actually a few pieces of jewelry that all women’s jewelry boxes should contain to cover all possible occasions and different outfits.

Below, we list the jewelry types all women should own.


A timeless watch

A timeless watch is the one that will decorate your wrist to make everything feel discovered and complete. Most women probably have one watch that follows them through all different occasions – a watch that simply works for everything.

If you only intend to buy a watch, you are clearly best off choosing a more timeless variety. You will want to have everyday life as a party as well as when you are off or at work. So it should work for jeans, a dress, formal clothes and more. Make sure you spend a little money on a more high-quality watch for this is a piece of jewelry that will never go out of style. Plus, if you invest in a good watch, it can last for generations.

A statement necklace

This necklace will serve as a complement that works for any clothing item you choose to wear. As soon as you choose to have a shirt, dress or top that has a relatively simple and not particularly own ring, you can simply embellish it all with the help of this necklace. Once you make the investment in such a necklace, choose one that you will be able to wear no matter what season you are in for several years.

An oversized large ring

Those smaller rings make themselves superb with more casual and simpler styles, but if you would like to feel more elegant or festive then you do better in acquiring a large ring and wear to get to that real coward. A super-sized ring in the color you like and a style that works for you can do incredible wonders for both your clothes and your hands.

Round earrings

The round earrings stay in place and always work year after year. Wearing it feels best for you or which is best suited for clothing choices and hairstyles. It doesn’t really matter if they are big, small, gold-colored, silvery, colored, thick, or thin, but the thinner medium-sized gold and silver are clearly the ones that work to the greatest extent and extent. This is clearly a classic and you should own at least a couple.


In addition to the hoops, one must also have another pair to vary with, at least a couple. More formal, a little more festive, more fun, etc. Choose a color that suits your eye color or skin tone. If you do not want green, brown or blue earrings, then black also makes great superb for all personalities and styles.

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