A Guide to Engagement and Wedding Rings

It used to be a wedding ring, that ring was often the only ring the woman got. Later there was also a wedding ring that the woman got at the wedding and today the man can also get a ring.

Engagement Rings

The ring at marriage is an “extra” ring, probably inspired by American custom at marriage or engagement.

Many have probably seen on film how the girlfriend is surprised with a fabulous ring when he proposes.

If the marriage did not lead to a wedding within a year, according to tradition, the promise could be canceled and she had to keep the ring.

Engagement rings, the couple can exchange with each other as they choose.

Today, engagement is rarely a promise of marriage but more of a sign that the couple is together. Traditionally, both get a ring at the engagement.

This can be done most easily by putting the rings on each other’s left ring fingers and thus it is done.

Alternatively, you change rings at a courtship if you so wish.

Wedding Rings

In the event of a wedding, the engagement rings are worn.

The only thing couples do, besides a new ring for the bride, is to also engrave the date and name for the wedding at the wedding ring.

At the wedding, the husband’s engagement ring changes status and becomes a wedding ring.

Many couples choose to give the man a wedding ring today and it is an accepted but not necessary custom.

What a wedding ring should look like, there are no rules for. It is up to everyone’s taste and preference.

The bride gets a wedding ring in addition to her engagement ring.

At the wedding ceremony, the rings are placed in the order they have arrived. Thus, the engagement ring is placed at the bottom of the finger and then the wedding ring. In church weddings, rings are required. At a bourgeois ceremony, no rings are needed, but can, of course, be used.

In the cultures, several thousand years ago, around the Mediterranean, the man gave the woman a ring when deciding on marriage. To the north we had a wedding ring that was included in the ceremonies, that ring was often the only affinity ring the woman received.

Later there was also a wedding ring that the woman received at the wedding.
The ancestors of wearing wedding rings can be traced all the way to Roman times where the ring was proof of signed agreements.
Then it was mainly the woman who got a ring from the man.
The wedding ring is and is a testament to the promises of faithfulness that one gives to each other at the wedding.

How to wear the engagement or wedding ring

Normally, the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

The story of choosing the left-hand ring finger comes from ancient Egypt where it was felt that a vein went from this finger to the heart.
This was established by law in the 17th century (today it is of course free choice).

Wearing the ring on the right-hand ring finger originates from the fact that the promises of faithfulness were sealed with the right hand.

Wearing the ring on the right-hand ring finger is also common among same-sex couples.

Rings for widows

  • Many choose to continue wearing their wedding ring.
  • They have been married and the ring was the symbol of marriage.
  • The ring or rings are also a memory of marriage and they are still a married person, albeit a widow.
  • If for some reason you want to remove the rings/ring in the future, then, of course, it is also possible.
  • It is up to the person to decide.

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