How to Choose the Best Earrings

Whether you are buying for yourself or for someone else, choosing the right earrings can be challenging. There are so many things to think about, including the face shape and what the earrings are worn with. If you are shopping for someone else, you must also share their personal taste. Below are some simple tips on choosing the right earrings.

Earrings style

Start by deciding the style of the earring you want.

The best thing is to go by instinct. If you buy yourself, hold the earrings up to your face to see if they look good on you. Also, take into account the clothes you will be wearing. Some earrings can be worn with pretty much everything like pearls and diamonds because they are classic and fairly neutral. But if you want color, consider clothing and other accessories. For example, do not wear gold jewelry if you intend to wear a silver top! This may not be more important when choosing bridal jewelry.

Beads and diamonds are good for brides and bridesmaids look beautiful with jewelry that coordinates with their bridesmaid dresses.

Face shape

Face shape is something you want to consider when buying earrings as this will have an effect on how they look on you.

Drop earrings look round faces. It is best to avoid round earrings if the person wearing them has a round face as it just makes the face look more round! Earrings that are short and wide flattering long, thin faces. People with long, thin faces should avoid long dangling earrings as they make the face appear even longer.

If you want dangling earrings you choose dangling earrings with a wide base to add the illusion of width to the face. Round or long earrings flatter square faces. People with oval faces can pretty much get away with wearing any earrings shape they want.

Earring length

A good tip for deciding whether the earrings are really is to look at your jawline for the person you are buying for and find out which part of the jaw is the widest or stands out the most.

Use this information to select the length of the earrings. Basically, you want the earrings to end above or below the most prominent part of the jaw – not exactly on it. If the earrings end exactly on the most prominent part of the jaw, it will give the illusion of an even wider jaw that is not at all flattering on the face.

Sticks, clips or hooks

Whether you decide to choose hooks, drops, or clips, of course, depends on whether or not the person you are buying has pierced ears. If you see a style you like for pierced ears and you or your intended ones do not have pierced ears, many jewelers can customize them and cut them for you. Keep in mind that this shortens the earrings by about a centimeter.

Buy as a gift

If you are shopping for someone else and still can’t decide what to wear, either pay close attention to what they wear when you see them so you become better informed about the colors they usually wear or bring someone you trust who is close them to help you. If all else fails, buy them a gift card from your favorite jewelry store so they can choose for themselves.

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