Top Things to Consider when Buying Jewelry As a Gift

Are you planning to buy jewelry for someone special? Jewelry is an appreciated gift, but getting it right can be quite difficult. There are a lot of things you need to consider, and in this post, we share the 10 most important things to consider when buying jewelry as a gift.

1. What kind of jewelry should you give away?

Look at what the person usually wears for jewelry. If the person never wears a necklace, it might be because she doesn’t like it. Does the person have holes in the ears?

2. Note small things

As soon as the person mentions or shows something she likes or wants, put this in memory. Write it down as a note on your phone. Perfect when it’s time for Christmas presents, birthday presents, etc.

3. Surprise with something the person would not buy for themselves

Your gift will be more successful if you buy something the person does not buy.

4. What style does the person have?

If you do not know what style the person has, you can look at what she follows on, for example, Pinterest or Instagram. Has she saved many pictures, for example, simple bracelets with thin chains or small stud earrings with sparkling stones? Also, look at the jewelry she already has if you can see any red thread. Still difficult? If the person often wears a watch, a tip is to buy a smaller bracelet that fits.

5. How should you think when buying more jewelry?

Do not choose different colors of the jewelry. Also, don’t buy two bracelets or two necklaces. For example, choose a pair of earrings and a necklace. A safe bet is jewelry from the same series.

6. Take help

Asking someone for help does not mean that you are not thinking of yourself, rather the opposite. Feel free to ask the person’s best friend, sibling, or anyone else who is close to the person about what he/she thinks might be a good fit.

7. Think about the gift message

What message do you want to convey with your gift? Jewelry conveys a feeling and our jewelry all have a unique message. Is it a declaration of love or a birthday present for your best friend? The most important thing when giving a gift is the idea behind it. That is what determines if it is successful!

8. Sizes of jewelry

Bracelets and necklaces are easier to give as sizes usually fit most. Rings are a bit more difficult, but if you know what the person has for a ring size, you should still remember that rings with narrow rails can be experienced slightly larger and rings with wide rails can be experienced slightly smaller. This can be good to consider if you have difficulty choosing between two sizes.

9. Tips on buying earrings

If the person has the hole very far down on the earlobe, avoid large and heavy earrings. This is not to weigh down the earlobe and to prevent the jewelry from falling downwards.

10. Gold or silver?

Find out if the person usually uses gold or silver. Many people either prefer one or the other. Peek in the jewelry box or on the watch she wears.


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