Top Tips When Buying Jewelry

Are you looking for a new piece of jewelry to be proud of that can highlight and enhance your look? Here are some facts and advice about what you should consider when buying jewelry in order to become as satisfied as possible.

If you are planning to buy online, there are countless sites that offer you jewelry of all its forms.

All different sites offering better prices, different dealers, free shipping, etc. There are also pages where you can buy used jewelry from various private individuals that sell online. Be extra careful for scammers and check details extra carefully! But it still feels like the absolute safest purchase you make from a store that has a well-known brand name and reputable store. Whether you want to go for the brand or just the jewelry is entirely up to you.

Overall when you buy jewelry it is most important to check the authenticity of the product as that is what is talked about if it is a reasonable price that you have to pay. The lower the carat gold has, the lower the quality. 24K is what is classified as pure gold. Then there are also 18k (75%), 14k (58%) and 10k (42%).

The silver price is considerably cheaper. If you want to buy a piece of silver, check for something with the brand “Sterling silver”. It contains 92.5 percent silver while German silver which is the most common contains nothing at all. You can easily find current prices by searching for gold/silver prices on exchanges and other currency pages.

If you are looking for pearls, there are three options. We have genuine, fake (manufactured in China) and cultivated. The cultivated ones are also the least expensive just for their accessibility and just because they are synthetically produced does not mean that they are false, they are still pearls.

If you opt-out of the internet and want to visit a physical store instead, choose a serious and reputable merchant. Choose a store as carefully and make searches before just as you would for anything else. Do your due diligence. Get help from friends and acquaintances and check out the return policy in case you regret it soon.

Whatever you buy and be sure to always check the stamps on the jewelry that speaks of the carat or brand of the manufacturer. This is what strengthens authenticity. In the case of expensive jewelry, you should also ask for a certificate and authenticity guarantee from the seller.

However, there is a rule of thumb that you should always follow and never forget. If it feels too good to be true, so it probably is.

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