Top 5 Reasons Why Watches are So Important

Today, the majority of the people who wear watches do so as an accessory to enhance their appearance and style. Watches are regarded as neutral jewelry that is perfect for both men and women.

There are watch brands whose designs are unisex; hence can be worn by either gender. Without a doubt, a watch is an ensemble of successful businesspeople, career persons, and casuals. Here are some of the key reasons why watches are important:

Watches are convenient

There are people who consider owning a watch as a waste since they have a phone to check the time. However, checking your watch is effortless and convenient as compared to fishing in your pocket to get your phone for time checking.  Whilst in a meeting or undertaking a task that requires you to check time while both your hands are occupied, a watch will come in handy. A watch is convenient when you cannot carry your phone such as when in the shower or swimming.

Watches offer simplicity

Unlike phones, watches do not use sophisticated technologies. Instead, timepieces are run on ingenious mechanical movements that predate electricity. Superior watch brands such as Citizen, Seiko, and other brands use solar charging technologies to convert light to energy for running the timepiece. This Eco-drive movement helps in conserving the environment by ensuring that the battery does not need a battery. The simplicity of these gadgets makes them possess a timeless appeal. It is worth noting that there are also smartwatches that are loaded with features and apps like those in smartphones.

Watches signal style

It is undoubtedly true that watches reflect the style and make a bold fashion statement. People use different types of timepieces depending on the type that highlights their style. There are people who wear vintage watches for a traditional look and others prefer sports watches to complement their sporty appearance. Watch models have different fashion statements and hence can be used for self-expression. The fashion statement made by these accessories helps in showcasing the wearer’s personality and style.

Watches are reliable accessories

These accessories rarely fail and when they do, it is most likely because you need to replace the battery.  The mechanical design of the timepieces is unique in that the accessories are future-proof in their operation. It is possible to own a time accessory for a lifetime without it breaking down at any point. For instance, quartz watches with batteries are uniquely reliable and the batteries hold power for as long as a year or more. The eco-drive ones never require a battery throughout their life.

Watches embody craftsmanship

There is more to a watch other than just timekeeping.  These accessories are symbols of history and tradition encased in a timepiece with classy craftsmanship. These pieces of art when worn on the wrist create a feeling of creativity and ingenuity. The designing of most high-end watches is inherently artistic. For instance, the dial of these timepieces can feature different designs and extras including luminosity in the hands and dial. There are models whose dials are designed in the form of instruments or other forms of creativity.


There are a lot of other reasons why watches are important. However, the bottom line is that these accessories are investments. There are some rare models that cost a fortune, especially for the limited edition brands.

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