Tips When Buying Jewelry Online

It’s true, every piece of jewelry tells a story. The jewelry we wear is personal, valuable and defines us by how we present ourselves to the world. So when we buy new jewelry, it is important to buy high-quality items that have a good reputation. In this article, we share our best tips here when buying jewelry online to make sure you only wear the very best. If you are planning to buy jewelry online, there are a few things you want to keep in mind, as doing so can be a bit more tricky than buying in-person and actually seeing what you buy.

Jewelry must be expensive, right? Jewelry should make its wearer feel fabulous. This does not mean that every piece of jewelry you own has to cost a fortune, but sometimes it may be worth paying the little extra for really special and luxurious jewelry. Once you have decided to pay the extra amount, it is important that you buy a piece of jewelry that is right for you. Make sure you invest in classic jewelry: Diamond bracelets are a good investment. Its simple, clean design makes it easy to combine with different outfits and you can wear them on many different occasions.

Buy from good sources

So you have decided to buy luxury jewelry. So far everything is fine. But how do you know which piece of jewelry is worth the money? Our expert’s tip: When you’re ready to spend a lot of money on a piece of jewelry, you should carefully check if the piece of jewelry has been manufactured correctly. It is also important to know where to buy your jewelry. It is recommended to choose a credible seller. Our recommendation is to always and only buy from trusted and reputable sellers. This way, you can be sure that every single piece of jewelry put up for auction has been carefully evaluated in quality and authenticity.


If you follow the advice of buying from a credible seller, you should have no problems with counterfeit items. But it can still be good to be able to distinguish fake jewelry from authentic ones on their own. For this reason, gold and silver jewelry always has a so-called signature. With gold jewelry, you will often find the number 585 (14K) or 750 (18K) engraved on the item. The fineness of silver is usually indicated by the numbers 800 and 925. These numbers show the proportions of the precious metal in relation to other metals. The absence of such a stamp indicates that the jewelry is gold or silver plated.

Is jewelry suitable as an investment?

If it comes to stocks, cars, or art, many enthusiasts motivate new purchases with the fact that it is an investment. But that the way you should regard jewelry purchases? Not really. If you buy an expensive piece of jewelry, you should invest in one that you really like. In many cases, you will not get back the money you paid in case you want to sell the jewelry in the future. Jewelry is not like a work of art whose value automatically increases the older it gets. But it can still be worth looking after in the attic or in the jewelry box. Right now, many are investing in jewelry, making diamonds and colored gemstones stable in value.

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