How to Clean Your Jewelry to Make it Shine Again

Want to clean your jewelry to restore it back to its original shine and luster? No problem! In this post, we share how you can clean your jewelry to get it to shine again.

1. Cleaning method 1

To obtain an effective cleaning agent, an agent is preferably used which contains both a part that dissolves the gray/black surface and a part that polishes. There are many different silver pastes you can use by applying to the silver with a sponge or a soft brush and then rinsed off with lukewarm water. Many agents also contain a protective material that delays it turning black again.

2.Homemade cleanser

Take a glass mold and place aluminum foil in the bottom. Sprinkle the baking powder over the aluminum foil and place in the silver you want to polish and sprinkle with some more baking powder.

Pour into boiling water and then leave until the water has cooled down so much that you can absorb the silver (about 3 minutes) Don’t be frightened when it starts to bubble, it is the carbonate that releases carbonic acid when it is combined with water Rinse under running water. It will bubble quite strongly when the baking powder is combined with the warm water and it gives off carbonic acid.

3. Silver Toothpaste tip

Take a small click of toothpaste on a cloth (cotton cloth) and apply it to the silver and polish until it shines. Rinse and dry the silver. This method has a mild abrasive effect, which can sometimes be preferable as small irregularities disappear.

It is well known that silver is often discolored, why? Sulfur and silver do not belong together, but it is difficult to keep them apart. Sulfur occurs a little here and there, in the air, on the skin, medicines, fabrics, cosmetics. When silver gets a black-gray surface we say that the silver oxidizes. The black-gray surface is a chemical compound silver sulfide AgS – it is formed when the silver comes into contact with sulfur. What happens is a sulphidation, ie a process where sulfur and silver are combined.

In the beginning, the silver surface becomes a little yellowish and over time it gets darker and darker. Humidity and heat speed up the process – avoid wearing silver jewelry in the bathroom. Store the jewelry in a plastic bag and if you have the specially treated black thin paper, you can wrap the jewelry in the paper before placing the jewelry in the plastic bag.

Silver is durable and should be used extensively, it just gets nicer and nicer. It holds for wear for generations. Do not be afraid of scratches, they even out and form a beautiful patinated surface, which is actually finer than the unused silver surface.

4.Ketchup trick

Take some ketchup on a cloth (cotton cloth) and apply it to the silver and polish until it blinks. Rinse and dry the silver. The acidic substances in the ketchup react to the black surface and make it disappear. The method has no abrasive effect.

5. Gold jewelry

Fill a bowl with hot water, not boiling. Pour in a few drops of detergent. Put your gold jewelry in the water and leave it for about 20 minutes. If necessary, a soft brush can be used gently. Then pick up the jewelry and dry it with a soft cloth.

Tip 6. White gold

White gold jewelry is finished with white precious metal, rhodium. Rhodium gives an extra white luster. They are worn away afterward and the surface layer must be submitted for redrafting if you want to get back the white luster.

7. Gold jewelry with precious stones

Take a bowl and mix warm water, a few drops of detergent and a few drops of household ammonia. Bath for 15 minutes. Brush possibly very carefully around frames with a soft little brush. Rinse thoroughly

8. Beads

Beads should not be washed in water but wiped with a soft cloth said that grease and makeup are not left and remove the luster or damage the bead. Feel free to use a cleaning cloth for glasses/jewelry or cloth.

Always take perfume or hairspray before you wear jewelry with pearls – otherwise, they will quickly lose their luster and shine. Beads are fragile and sensitive even to temperature changes. A necklace that is body warm and placed on a cold bench can crack tension in the pearl layers.

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