A Guide to Wearing Necklace Jewelry

The first thing to think about when you want to buy a necklace, regardless of who it is, is whether to buy it online or offline and what price range you want to put on. The price can vary a great deal and you can pay almost as little or as much for a necklace. Necklaces fit really well as gifts on various occasions as well.

There is a lot to choose from so for those who do not buy necklaces so often it can be difficult to know what to look for at the same time as trends are constantly changing. Fashion necklaces, however, do not have to be expensive but are made from more common materials where it is their design that is the focus instead.

Necklaces in precious materials are a classic prized gift that are always appreciated but they may have really daring designs that do not fit everyone. The advantage of shopping on the internet is that you have much more to choose from and can often find things cheaper. As mentioned, there are many different types of necklaces and chains so a number of them will be defined a little more clearly below.

Metal chains are probably the most common type of necklace. This one works with any type of jewelry and it can be in gold, silver, and platinum for example. Silver necklaces are very popular precisely because they can withstand so much wear without being ugly at the same time but can easily wear them both every day and for a party, if you wish.

Most silver necklaces are made of 925 silver and it is metal which is 92.5 percent silver which is standard. Most great jewelry designers make silver necklaces. Gold is the next option that many consider being a little more special. What you have to think about then is how many carats you want on the necklace. Pure gold that has up to 24 carats is quite soft and is therefore easily damaged so that is why most people choose 18 carats instead of it being much more durable but still high in gold.

Pearl necklace is another type of necklace that is very popular, at least among women, although it is a bit more old-fashioned. The value of the pearl necklaces depends on the color, luster, surface quality, and smoothness and size of the beads. However, luster is usually the most important factor. There are eight different shapes of beads with round, semi-circular, button-shaped, drop-shaped, pear-shaped, oval, and circular. But it is the perfect and round beads in pearl necklaces that are the most valuable.

There are three lengths of necklaces that are the most common. 40 cm ends just above the clavicles and it emphasizes the neck, 46 cm hangs over the clavicle, and is the most common length and 61 cm fits well over blouse or dress and is considered a dramatic length. These lengths are also called shocker, princess, and opera lengths.

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