A Guide to Jewelry for Men

There are a number of jewelry men can wear. The most common ones men wear are necklaces, bracelets, finger rings, cufflinks, tie pins, or an earring.

Generally, it is said that the watch is the only jewelry that men can wear, but that is not completely true. Here is a guide to jewelry for men – which jewelry men can wear, and how to wear them.


Here, too, the material you use can vary but not usually just with silver, gold, or steel. There are different rings that you can wear and you can wear them on different fingers. Admittedly, the left hand’s ring finger is for a wedding ring although you can also wear a ring on the left hand’s ring finger without being engaged or married. You can pretty much choose which finger you can wear a ring on. One of the most common rings that men wear is so-called heel rings and these may look a little different but usually, they are wide and flat on the top.


These are buttons that you attach to shirt sleeves, the cuffs, to hold them. They all look almost the same, at least in their design. It is the button itself that may differ slightly in appearance as there may be differences in motifs. The material used for cufflinks is usually in gold or in sliver.

Tie pin

It is really a practical piece of jewelry that you can only wear if you have a tie on. Tie pins are something that can vary greatly in appearance. But they all have the same function of keeping the tie close to the shirt in a neat way.


It is a regular piece of jewelry that you wear and there is an incredible variety of this jewelry. The most common necklaces are made of gold, silver, steel, or leather. The necklaces can be large bulky gold links to thin mouth chains. Certain clothing styles include having large, bulky neck links. The variety of necklaces is huge. A fairly common necklace is a chain with an engraved plate, so-called ID-tag. Otherwise, it is quite common to wear coarse necklaces without any pendant. Leather collars often have a pendant that can be in the form of a tooth or something similar.


The bracelets for men have a similar variation in how they look like with the necklaces. This is a huge variation on bracelets with thin links and thicker links made of gold, silver, steel, or leather. Some bracelets can also be made of fabric. It is not uncommon for men to wear an armband with a name tag. You can also only wear links without name tags or any plates.


There are many men and guys who have holes in their ears and of course, it is by taste and taste but there is a rather large selection of earrings for guys that can be a stone or a ring or something else. It is most common for guys to have a hole in one ear but there are also those who have both ears.

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