8 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Ring

How do you choose the right wedding ring?

Choosing a wedding ring – a piece of jewelry you will wear daily – can be a challenge. With our guide, you can easily find the perfect ring for you.

1. Think individually

Which ring do you want? Making yourself comfortable and confident in your ring is more important than matching your partner’s finger jewelry. However, it is always nice that your own engagement and wedding ring fit well together.

2. Adapt to your lifestyle

It can be easy to forget the practical aspect. But it is important to adapt the purchase to your everyday life, the ring should work on both your job and your leisure. For example, do you work with your hands, maybe a smooth variation is better than a ring with jewelry? It is also good to remember that a ring with a high frame cannot be worn in all contexts.

3. Select a timeless variant

There is a fashion in wedding rings, just like in everything else, but keep in mind that you should wear the ring throughout your life, and not just one season. Think about what your style is and invest in a ring that you can see yourself wearing even 30 years in the future.

4. Consult an expert

Our hands look different and therefore we fit different well in different models. For example, there is a rule of thumb that says that with small hands or short fingers you prefer to choose a thinner ring and vice versa. Get the help of staff from a goldsmith’s shop who can give you their best advice.

5. Focus on quality

When deciding the budget for the ring, count on you to wear it all day of the year. It will be subject to a lot of wear and tear so choose a high-quality durable ring. Platinum and gold (most commonly red gold, white gold, and now also rose gold) are very durable materials, as are titanium and palladium which is becoming increasingly popular.

When buying white gold rings, however, it is good to keep track of what rodding means. Silver has poor durability and discolors over time.

6. Do your research

What material will appeal to you? Should it be a smooth ring, a one-stone ring, or an alliance ring with several gems? Let the choice take time and do not stress a decision. If you want a ring with stones, read on a little about quality and grinding and you are well prepared. Visit several shops. Many goldsmiths have their own collections that you don’t see anywhere else.

7. Design yourself

A goldsmith can help you design your dream ring. In addition to the look of the ring being exactly what you want, the fit will also be adapted to your finger, making it perfectly perfect.

8. Book a consultation

Finally: It is important to feel completely safe in choosing a wedding ring. Therefore, make an appointment with a goldsmith to get the most out of your money.

A consultation with a goldsmith is usually free of charge. Tell them about your budget and how you intend the rings to look, so the goldsmith will help you to make your own designed rings.

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