Become a Vendor FAQ

Become a Vendor

What are the Terms & Conditions for becoming a Vendor at

Terms & Conditions for Vendors

How do I create an account on
Register here and someone from our team will get back to you once you have been approved.

How do I upload my products?

Login to your Dashboard and go to products. Here you can upload new products for sale. Here you will find specifications that you can easily edit, such as price, brand, any discount, inventory quantity and the like. Choose where you want to place your product in the desired category and then upload the desired product images.

Once you have created the product, Wbracelet will review it to ensure that the product is valid under our sales and business policy.

How do I update my inventory balance?
Log in to your Dashboard, then select Products and click on your existing product you want to edit the inventory balance.

Each time a product is sold, the product quantity is automatically updated in our system. What you need to keep track of is that the inventory balance is correct.

Can Wbracelet remove my products?
Yes, Wbracelet can remove and pause products if they do not match our sales and business policies.

I have no e-commerce. Can I still sell on Wbracelet?
Yes. Whether you have a physical store, warehouse or merchandise, you can sell at Shopcorn.

How do I get my payment?
The payment will be made to your PayPal that you submitted in your account.

How do I get order information from a sale?
The order information is automatically sent to you via your chosen email.

Can I remove my products?
Yes, you can remove any desired products at any time so that they are no longer available for sale on Wbracelet. If you enter Wbracelet’s Dashboard, you can easily remove the selected product.