Vendor Terms & Conditions

1. General provides the digital trading venue (“Website”). On the Site, markets merchandise’s merchandise and sells them through regular sales. When you enter into an agreement with as a company or yourself as an individual trader (hereinafter “the Company”) for resale on the Site, you agree to these terms and conditions (“Terms”). Wbracelet and Company are referred to in these Terms, each “Party”, and jointly “Parties”.

2. The service shall, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, market and resell the Company’s Products on the Website (the “Service”). The service may be offered according to different contractual arrangements, such as as a commission-based service. The service refers to either regular sales. Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Parties, the service refers to regular sales on the Website. is a contractual party with the end customer, that is to say. the consumer or the company that purchases the Company’s Products on the Website (“End Customer”). When a customer makes a purchase on the Website, purchases the Product from the Company in accordance with paragraph 4 and then sells the Product to End Customer. These Terms and Conditions shall also apply to the Company’s purchase of additional services such as at any time may offer the Company.

3. Delivery Terms, Delivery Methods and Shipping Costs

The Company shall, within two (2) business days after has notified the Company that a customer has completed a purchase of the Company’s Products, Ship the Products to the End Customer, and send confirmation to when the Products are shipped. The confirmation must be sent in the manner that has written in writing to the Company to do.

The company is responsible for shipping costs to the End customer. Unless otherwise notified in writing to the Company, the Company may freely choose the mode of delivery and carrier. The company carries the entire risk of the Products until the Shipment with the Products has been received by the End Customer. recommends that the Company send the Products with traceable shipment. may charge a shipping fee of customer. In such cases, this shall apply to to cover the administration costs incurred by through the Purchasing of End Customer. The final customer is responsible for return costs to the Company. Any return charge for unpatched packages, which is paid by Company and which the Company can prove with receipt, is replaced by up to a maximum amount of €5. The company is responsible for notifying if returned packages are returned to the company.
Further information on delivery terms, delivery methods and shipping costs may be stated on the Website.

4. Purchase and sale of Products

When End Customer makes a purchase of a Product on the Site, will purchase the Product from the Company. The Company undertakes to sell, at’s request, the current Product to at the price specified below in section 6. applies free pricing when selling Products on the Site. The Company shall provide a recommended price for the Product to, see further under item 8 below.
Products sold on the Website shall be functional and error free and comply with applicable legislation. The company is responsible for ensuring that Products available on the Site are in stock. However, if the product can not be delivered to the end customer, full commission will be paid to as specified in section 6 below. reserves the right to pause or disable the Company’s Site on the Site if the Company lacks some of the Products listed on the Company’s website in stock for a continuous period of 15 days. If the Company’s Site on the Site completely lacks Products, the page will be closed automatically until Products are returned to the page.

The Company is responsible for ensuring that Products sold on the Site are not illegal or sold in a manner contrary to law. Products must comply with all applicable legal requirements, such as any requirements for CE marking and documentation and packaged in an appropriate manner. The Company shall comply with at any time in force on the Website, including policies and policies about Products like decided not to sell on the Site.

6. Prices and commission for the Service at any time applicable prices and commissions depend on the terms of agreement chosen by the Company and shown in’s current price list or in accordance with specific agreement between the Parties. is entitled to change its prices for the Service by written notice to the Company at least thirty (30) days before the changed prices come into effect. In the event of such notice from to the Company, the Company has the right to terminate the agreement with in writing with a term of one (1) month notice.

The purchase is at the same price as stated to the End Customer on the Website, less the prices and commissions.

At commission service,´s commission is deducted directly from the amount will pay to the Company for Company Products. wants to facilitate the Company and avoid the recovery of funds paid. Therefore,’s payment to the Company is done after 14 days. The 14 days payment refers to all deliveries on the Site during the time that occurred prior to the payment (for example: Payment for all deliveries January 1st will take place January 14th, etc.). reserves the right to pay another 2-5 business days from´s payment to the Company until the Company has received the payment. has the right to include payment to the Company for a longer period than stated above if the Client makes a complaint, exercises a right of withdrawal or otherwise claims against may at this event include the full purchase price of the End User’s Purchase of Products concerned.
If the Parties have not agreed otherwise in writing, the terms of payment stated on the Website will apply. In case the Company is delayed by payment for more than thirty (30) days, may terminate the Company from further use of the Service until full payment has been made. also has the right to cancel any such delay, claim and / or final invoice for the remaining part of the contract period.

7. Relationship with end customer is a contractual party with the End Customer and is responsible to the End Customer for all obligations that may arise due to and in connection with the Client’s purchase of Company Products.

Within the Service, provides general terms and conditions that apply to the End User’s Purchase of Products, see Appendix 1. The Company has taken note of these General End User Terms. may from time to time update these end customer conditions. The Company shall comply with all applicable mandatory consumer rules and the terms of the Final Customer Terms in relation to shall have the right to require the Company in relation to to comply with the commitments that has in relation to the End customer according to the end-customer terms. This means that may advertise or regret a purchase of a Product, as well as direct claim against the Company if the End Customer has made it against The Company is required to always return Products like to the Company due to End User’s Complaint or Complaint. In addition, this does not apply in relation to End Customer and therefore neither nor the Company.
The parties agree that is not required to disclose received funds separately.

If End Customer exercises a right of withdrawal for the purchase of the Company Product,’s purchase of this Product is automatically terminated, which means, among other things, that the Company is not entitled to be paid for the Product. In the exercise of right of cancellation and End customer’s complaint, the end customer shall contact’s customer service. If the Client directly refers to the Company for the exercise of right of cancellation, complaint or otherwise in respect of any complaints on the Product or Website, the Company shall refer the Client to

If the End Customer has informed that the End User wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal or to advertise a Product before has paid the Company for the Product, is entitled to postpone or stop payment of the Products. can then choose to cancel the purchase of the current Product. The Company shall indemnify for any costs, damages or claims of any kind which may arise for due to’s sale of Company Products to End Customer.

8. Information, materials and intellectual property rights

The Company hereby warrants that the Material provided by the Company with, and the Products sold through the Website do not infringe on third parties’ intellectual property rights. This also applies when the company uses predefined trademarks and related graphic symbols. The company further guarantees that the Products and its offerings do not otherwise conflict with law and that they meet mandatory product requirements. The Company undertakes to hold fully injurious for claims for alleged infringement directed against due to the Material or Products. The Company shall fully replace for all costs including reasonable attorney fees incurred in connection with such alleged infringement.

The Company shall, in accordance with’s instructions, provide with image material, recommended product prices, detailed specifications and other material that needs to provide the Company’s goods and services through the Website (“Materials”). The Company shall provide with such Material by uploading the Material on the Website in accordance with’s instructions.

The Company is responsible for ensuring that product information displayed on Products on the Site is accurate and that no product is marketed under an incorrect trademark or in such a way as to allow the consumer to misrepresent the origin or authenticity of the Product. strives to review and publish Material uploaded to the Site as soon as possible within fourteen (14) days from the Material being uploaded to the Site. This applies, provided that the Products referred to by the Material are in stock at the Company.

By providing with Materials, the Company grants a royalty-free and non-exclusive license to customize, publish, multiply, publicly display and
distribute all such material provided on the Site.
In accordance with compulsory competition law, determines its own prices for the sale of Products versus End Customer.
Any approval of the Material of Customer Service does not affect the Company’s liability under this item 7.

9. Force majeure

If Parts Completion of their obligations under the Terms are substantially obstructed or prevented due to circumstance that the Party could not afford, such as data breach, hacker attack, general labor conflict, war, power failure, fire, lightning strike, harsh weather conditions, terrorist attacks, changed government regulations, government intervention and fault or delay in subcontractor services due to circumstances specified herein, this shall constitute an exemption basis which provides for exemption from damages and other penalties. A party wishing to claim an exemption pursuant to this paragraph shall without delay inform the other Party in writing. If Parts Completion of the Terms of Essential Submission are prevented for more than three months of exemption pursuant to this paragraph, the other Party may terminate the Terms with immediate effect in writing. What is stated in this paragraph 9 does not relieve the Company from liability to in accordance with the Final Terms.

10. Privacy

Each Party undertakes not to disclose information (whether orally or in writing, electronic or other form) without the other party’s written consent to third parties, the content of the Terms or the other party’s activities that may be considered as business – or professional secret or otherwise use such information for any purpose other than the performance of its obligations under the terms of the Terms. As a business or professional secret, information as a Party shall be deemed to be confidential.

The confidentiality obligation does not apply to such information as a Party may have shown to be known to him otherwise than by the Terms or which is generally known. The confidentiality obligation also does not apply when a Party is required by law, other constitution or authority’s decision to disclose information.

11. Personal data

The parties may, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, exchange personal data as regulated by applicable privacy laws. A Party is a Personally Responsible Person (“Disclosing Party”) for any personal information provided to the other Party (“Receiving Party”) in accordance with these Terms, for example by giving the Party access to its employee’s contact information in order to keep in touch with the other The Party. The Receiving Party may process such personal information in accordance with the Disclosure Parts instructions and in accordance with these Terms.

Recipient Party shall implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect such personal data in accordance with applicable personal data law. The measures should provide a level of security appropriate to (a) the technical capabilities available, (b) what would it cost to implement the measures, (c) the risks associated with processing personal data, and (d) how vulnerable The processed personal data is really. is personally responsible for all personal data belonging to end customers and collected on the Website or otherwise submitted to The company is not entitled to use any customer information in any way, including sending own mail to End customers without the prior written approval of

12. Limitation of Liability is under no circumstances responsible for indirect losses, loss of profits or loss of contract.’s liability under these Terms and Conditions shall be limited to an amount equal to the total amount paid by the Company to under any of these Terms during the next 12 month period.

13. Term and Termination of Contract

These Terms and Conditions enter into force when the Company concludes an agreement with Provided that the Parties have not otherwise agreed in writing, the Agreement shall be valid for a period of one (1) month from the date of entry into force of the Agreement. If the agreement is not terminated by the Party not later than one (1) month before the end of the contract, the agreement is automatically extended by one (1) month at a time with one (1) month notice period. Notwithstanding paragraph 13 above, shall have the right to terminate the Agreement immediately in case of:
(a) The Company is in delay with payment;
(b) the Company violates its obligations under the Agreement (including these Terms) or otherwise acts unfairly; or
(c) The company is bankrupt, becomes subject to company reconstruction, applies for a chord, settles the payments, becomes liquidated or otherwise considered insolvent.
When these Terms cease to apply, for whatever reason, the following provisions shall remain binding on the Parties; Point 8 (Intellectual Property Rights), Item 10 (Privacy), Item 12 (Limitation of Liability) and Item 15 (Dispute Resolution and Applicable Law).

14. Other

Additions to or Amendment of these Terms, including to or from this section, shall be in writing and duly signed by both Parties.

The Company may not, in whole or in part, transfer its rights or obligations under the Terms without’s prior written consent. may transfer its rights and obligations under the Terms without the Company’s consent.

If a competent court, authority or arbitration tribunal finds that any provision of these Terms is invalid or unenforceable, the provision in question and all other provisions shall be valid and enforceable to the extent permitted by applicable law and the parties shall be legally negotiating with each other in order to agree on the necessary changes to these Terms in order to maintain the structure, purpose and spirit of the Terms.

Parts remission of right or penalty under these Terms must be in writing and duly signed by this Party. No remission, in whole or in part, of such right or punishment prevents any or subsequent exercise or reliance on any or all such right or penalty

These Terms shall apply between the Parties if the Parties have not agreed otherwise in a separate agreement with explicit reference to these Terms. In case of any conflict between these Terms and other agreements or attachments, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail unless circumstances clearly cause otherwise. In no case shall the Company’s own general terms and conditions apply between the Parties.

15. Dispute resolution and applicable law

Disputes arising from the Terms shall be finally ruled by arbitration pursuant to the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute’s Rules for Simplified Arbitration.  The action shall, however, be brought before the Swedish General Court in case the contested value is less than two basic amounts according to the Public Insurance Act (1962: 382).

These Terms, including the clause clause in clause 15, shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with Swedish law.

Arbitration proceedings under paragraph 15, all information disclosed and all documentation submitted or issued by or on behalf of the Party or arbitrators during such proceedings and all decisions and arbitration decisions taken or notified in connection with such proceedings shall be treated strictly confidential and shall not be used for any purpose other than the procedure in question or the execution of such decision or such arbitration or otherwise disclosed by the Company to any third party without the prior written consent of