A Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

Is it time for you to buy an engagement ring or are you planning to propose and are looking for engagement rings? In this post, we have gathered some useful tips on what is important to consider when choosing engagement rings.

We can start by saying this: let it take time! An engagement ring should be worn daily for many years to come so let the choice take its time. Think about which metal you like. Some prefer white gold and others red or rose gold. Maybe the platinum precious metal you want your engagement rings in?

How do you imagine the rings will look like? By looking at different models of engagement rings you can create a picture of what you like.

Already when choosing the engagement ring, it may be good to think one step further if the idea is that it should then be supplemented with a wedding ring.

Look at what you think is a nice total width on your hand and then based on this, you divide this area into an engagement ring as well as a possible future wedding ring.

Here there are two main tracks when it comes to the combination of engagement ring and wedding ring. Either two rings of the same width or a wide and a narrow ring. If you want a wide and a narrow ring, the difference between them should be clear.

You do not need to decide exactly what the wedding ring should look like, but it is good to still have it tuned reasonably so that you do not paint it into a corner through the choice of engagement ring.

Budget when you buy engagement rings

One question you need to consider is what your budget is. This is very important to have thought about as it simplifies for you to buy an engagement ring. If you know what you feel is reasonable to spend on your rings and what kind of engagement rings you are thinking of then it will be easier to find one.

Focus on quality

A ring to be worn daily as an engagement ring will be exposed to a lot! Therefore it is important to focus on quality so that the ring lasts!

Unfortunately, many people today focus on price in the choice of engagement rings and this often causes the quality to suffer. There is always an explanation for something that is perceived to have a low price.

Those who market rings with, for example, being 30-70% cheaper, make sure to use less material, lower quality of stones, lower quality of the framing work, and mass-produce their engagement rings.

Making a price comparison on such a mass-produced engagement ring and a piece-made engagement ring made by a goldsmith who focuses on consistently maintaining high quality is not fair. It is important as a customer to ask the question whether you want an engagement ring made with a focus on quality, good design, craftsmanship, and durability or an engagement ring with a focus on low price made by compromising the quality for the product to be cheap. It is important that quality does not suffer!

Measure ring size with ring size

Ring size is a rather complex topic. It is incredibly difficult to know what is your perfect ring size as the hand varies from day to day. Heat and cold, day form, etc are things that affect our fingers. The width of the ring is another thing that plays into how the ring size is perceived, a wider ring sucks more on the finger than a narrow one does.

Our hands also look very different. Some have big knuckles and others have more meat on their fingers.


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