5 Tips When Buying Earrings

Jewelry has been used for years and making holes in your ears is absolutely nothing unusual. The earrings can be a very easy way to wear jewelry and it can also, by wearing larger, colorful, or very striking, make the mark on the whole day’s outfit.

However, the fashion of course changes like everything else, even when it comes to the earrings and those big neon color rings that everyone wore last year may today be completely out of style. Here are some tips on what to keep in mind when you’re shopping for earrings, whether online or in a physical store.

Think about allergy risks

Many people know if the material next to the earbud is false, it may contain nickel. If you are sensitive it can create a strong allergic reaction that can cause major problems later on where you may not even be able to take in coins etc. Always check if you think you can be allergic that the layer that is against the skin is either plastic or in a nickel-free material such as real metals.

Consider buying semi-precious stones

Those simple earrings with just a stone or a pearl are a wonderful example of a type of earring that lasts year after year and never goes out of style.

They are sold in both varying colors and all different sizes. Most often you buy them in plastic or with metal balls. These are the most gentle options for your wallet but may not always be the most eye-catching as they tend to be rather discreet.

Don’t be afraid of bigger earrings

Now we have talked about the small classics but were not afraid to invest in a couple of the larger sizes. There is so much to choose from. Feathers, figures, rhinestone rings, color different patterns, etc. Perfect to cheer up a somewhat sad outfit or draw attention from a “bad-hair-day”.

Buy for extra plops as a back-up

It’s easy for the earring to go off by maybe getting stuck in the sweater when you get dressed or hugging someone who happens to pull in it. Most often it is possible to find the earring again quite as simple but the little plop at the back is a worse story. If you do not want to throw it, it can be good to have replacement packs at home.

Choose earrings that complement your face shape

It is easy to forget to see what shape the face is in and then choose the earrings accordingly, but really it is the most important factor.

If you have a square or rectangular face then you should not buy home earrings in large shapes or sharp lines that can make the face feel wider. Round face shapes dress best in long and elegant. However, small ball-shaped ones are, in particular, the safest card and are suitable for all face shapes.

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