Where Women Go for the Best Arabic Fashion Shopping in Dubai

Jewelry adorns; there’s no doubt about it. The flash of diamonds on a bracelet or the gleam of rubies on earrings; it draws the eye and makes one sigh in wonder about how beautiful they are.

However, if there’s something that perhaps makes more of an impact than a glittering collar necklace or a huge solitaire ring, it’s your clothes. And when you want a subtle but stylish backdrop for your shimmering crystals and expensive accessories, look no further than Arabic fashion. 

If you’re interested in Arabic fashion shopping in Dubai, use the following as a guide on the top places you can go to at Dubai Festival City Mall when you’re looking for the best and most inspired Arabic outfits for women. 

1. Diva Abaya Couture – Wedding Abayas

Diva Abaya Couture is a luxury apparel brand with an international following. As the name of the store indicates, Diva Abaya carries an expansive range of traditional Emirati clothing, the abaya. However, the fashion house’s creativity ensures its creations are unique, contemporary, and definitely stylish, while in keeping with the ideal of modesty. 

At Diva Abaya, you can find wedding abayas to wear to — well, weddings — and other formal occasions. The brand’s formal abayas are ingeniously crafted to balance comfort, elegance, and style. 

For exceptional comfort in the summer heat, try the brand’s organza wedding abaya or its tulle layered wedding abaya. These abayas’ lightweight materials encourage airflow for maximum comfort, but their black color and elegant construction ensure you’ll fit right in on any formal occasion.

Diva Abaya also has a Swarovski Wedding Abaya. Made with tulle but embellished with Swarovski crystals, this is one eye-catching abaya. A more subtle but even more impressive version is the crystal leaf wedding abaya. The open abaya covers a chiffon dress with a leaf-detailed bodice. Both the abaya and the dress underneath are embellished with crystals.

2. Bedoon Essm – Everyday Abayas

Bedoon Essm is one of the leading manufacturers of traditional modest clothing. Its reach spans the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

Bedoon Essm is home to an extensive catalog of abayas, tarhas, khimars, niqabs, bags, and wallets. It provides a range of high-quality modest clothing options at reasonable price points. This is perfect for Arabic clothing that is suitable for everyday wear.

There are also embroidered abayas for when you want something a little less run-of-the-mill. One of the abayas in their embroidered abaya range has a notched collar and embellished embroidery on the shoulders and the front just below the waist area. In other abayas, the embellishment is limited to the sleeve end.

Bedoon Essm carries abayas in a wide range of colors. There is the ever-popular black abaya. There are also abayas in blue, grey, camel, taupe, beige, brown, green, pink, violet, gold, khaki, white, and many more, including two-toned options.

3. Eleganza La Mode – Dressy Abayas

Eleganza La Mode is a UAE-homegrown brand that has distinguished itself for its dressy abayas. Modest dressing is in its DNA. However, the brand has successfully added a modern touch to its classic abayas and Arabic silhouettes to create designs that are as at home in the Gulf as they would be in other parts of the world.

The Eleganza La Mode abayas will fit right in whether you are strolling around the avenue in Dubai or London. Black abayas look particularly elegant, sporting a classic abaya silhouette and bell sleeves. However, they are saved from austerity by surprising details that successfully add visual interest to the outfit.

A few of the abayas are in Nada fabric with a see-through lacework on the left and right sides, starting from the waist cascading down to the bottom. There is also an abaya in double chiffon fabric with subtle silver and black embroidery bordering the end of the bell sleeves and going down the front and sides. Then, there are party abayas, one made of double-layered tulle with lace embellishments and silk piping.

Eleganza La Mode also has a collection of dresses that have undeniably Arab origins, but will make you stand out in the theater or a dinner party. They also have simple crepe dresses with bishop sleeves. 

You can also try on their Moroccan kaftans. Eleganza La Mode’s kaftans are made with tulle and silk in pearlescent shades, bedecked in captivating embroidery and beadwork. They are just as perfect as modern bridal wear.

Aside from abayas, dresses, and Moroccan kaftans, Eleganza La Mode also carries casual, comfortable jalabiyas and exquisite girls’ wear or girls’ dresses. 

4. Louzan Fashion – Sophisticated Abayas

Louzan Fashion is a luxury Arabic fashion brand that specializes in abayas deeply rooted in traditions and the Arab people’s rich heritage. However, it’s not satisfied with highlighting tradition. It has also been styled and crafted to stand out and let your individuality shine. 

Louzan Fashion has daily abayas, formal abayas, and special occasions abayas. Its special occasion abayas are particularly striking with their unique designs. For instance, there are abayas with bold geometric patterns on the front and sleeves. There are abayas with lace and embroidery details. However, what shines through is the edgy cuts and the sheen of Louzan Fashion’s luxurious fabrics. 

5. Modern Day Modest Dressing

Abayas are undoubtedly traditional Arab clothing. You can wear them in Dubai, on your Abu Dhabi stop-over, or while traveling around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar and feel right at home. Moreover, their loose fit ensures that even through their layers, you’ll feel cool and comfortable.

However, abayas have long departed from the plain black template they used to follow. Their continued evolution has led to modern-day abayas that are equally at home in the Middle East or the cities of Europe.

Indeed, the next time you need something unique for your wardrobe, try the modern-day abaya, and you’re sure to turn heads.

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