Wear Jewelry on the Beach? Read These Tips First!

Everywhere, you can read about recommendations of not wearing your jewelry in the gym, in the shower, on the beach, and all of the otherplaces where there is an increased risk that you either break them or get stuck.

And yes, those are obviously sensible recommendations, but what if you want to be beautiful in those places too? Or perhaps if you are in a place where you don’t want to leave your jewelry unattended. What should you do?

Here are our top best tips on keeping your jewelry whole, clean and perfectly sparkling even when you bring them to the beach, and other similar places.

The first tip is to bring a jewelry bag with you. If you go to the beach, it is a great place to store your jewelry, in particular when you go into the water.
When you go into the water, always take off your jewelry. In some cases, it may be that the stones or the metal may become discolored. In particular, if you are bathing in saltwater. Another risk is, of course, losing your jewelry in the water or on the beach.

Another tip is to always take off your jewelry when apply sun lotion. You may be lubricating yourself with sunscreen at home but after a couple of swims, it’s time again to keep the protection effective. Since creams, perfumes and hand creams, for example, tend to settle in the nooks and crannies of your jewelry, it is recommended to remove them. Stones that are encased in metal have small nooks and crannies that easily settle and soon you have a dirty piece of jewelry that is difficult to clean. If your jewelry has been glued to increase its strength, creams can actually dissolve the glue that holds everything in place. And what’s not more annoying than when a tiny little stone disappears from a piece of jewelry
Natural stones. Do you love jewelry with beautiful stones? Then chances are good that you also have jewelry with natural stones. Remember that natural stones can change color when exposed to strong sunlight, high heat, and chemicals such as perfume and creams of various kinds. It is probably best to leave this jewelry at home or bring a jewelry bag to store them in while you are sunbathing.
If you want to build sandcastles with the children, keep in mind that sand works just like sandpaper and can, therefore, grind on the shiny finish that a stone has. Stones are much more durable than glass beads, for example, but sand is sand so be careful!

Another thing to keep in mind when you are at the beach is to always have good eyes on your jewelry. Don’t leave it without sight, because unfortunately, there are dishonest people everywhere and the beach is hardly an exception, rather a paradise for those who want to steal your precious items. Unnecessary, uncomfortable and incredibly annoying to lose your things. Not what you want during a day on the beach

The last tip, don’t buy jewelry from people selling such at the beach, because you don’t know what it is or what it contains.

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