How To Wear Bracelets With Your Watch

How To Wear Bracelets With Your Watch

Wearing bracelets with your watch can be difficult. Not in the sense that it is hard to wear the bracelets, but in the sense that you have to know exactly how to pair your watch with appropriate bracelets. If executed incorrectly, the combination of bracelets and a watch can turn out both uncomfortable and poor-looking.

Here’s the deal:

Depending on the type of watch you’re wearing, you might need to wear different bracelets with it. It is also important that you aren’t wearing bracelets that might damage your watch on the same wrist.

In this article, we’ll go in-depth on How To Wear Bracelets With Your Watch. What to think about, which bracelets to use, how many you should use, and much more. If you want to learn more abut watches, you can visit Clockfever.

1. Pick your materials

Mix it up. Even though matching the metal of the watch with your bracelets can look stylish, going bold and combining different metals can really make your wrist stand out. Don’t go too bold, though, as this may result in an imbalance between your watch and bracelets.

For example, if you have a stainless steel watch, you can wear gunmetal bracelets on the same wrist to mix it up a bit. What may look strange, however, is, for example, if you have a stainless steel watch and then pair it with a gold bracelet. For some, this combination might work, but for most, it won’t.

Shamballa Bracelet x Halda Sweden

2. Don’t wear too many

Your watch already takes up a lot of place on your wrist so you don’t want to add too many bracelets on the same wrist as this will make it look very busy. Wearing a lot of bracelets on the same wrist may look good in photos, but in reality, it’s something that you should actually avoid. Another thing to have in mind is that when you stack so many bracelets, you don’t allow each individual bracelet to stand out. Instead, it will get lost in the crowd.

Depending on the size of the bracelets you use on the same wrist as your watch, three bracelets is the maximum amount you should wear on one wrist. However, what you may find is that in many cases, one bracelet is often enough to enhance your watch wrist game.

3. Wear your bracelets on the side closest to the hand

A common mistake when it comes to wearing bracelets on the same wrist as your watch is to add bracelets on both sides of it. This is a big no-no. Wearing bracelets on each side of the watch will make it look squeezed-in and the watch won’t stand out the way it has the potential to. Your watch will look crammed between the bracelet.

Always wear your bracelets on the area closest to your hand as your bracelets will sit better there. This will allow the bracelet to complement your watch instead of stealing the show.

Macrame Bracelet with watch

4. Give the bracelets some space

A common mistake that a lot of people make when combining bracelet with a watch is wearing the bracelets too close to the watch. This often results in making the bracelets hiding underneath the watch, which looks very odd.

Give your bracelets some space by putting your watch a bit further up your wrist and letting your bracelets rest right where the wrist meets the hand.

5.Use smaller bracelets

Smaller and thinner bracelets generally work much better for a watch and bracelet combination. A mistake many people make is to wear too fit bracelets. These bracelets will naturally take up a lot of space on the wrist. Thinner bracelets will merely work as a simple and clean complement to your watch without stealing the show. Our favorite compliment to watches is a thin braided leather bracelet.


The color of the bracelet you wear with your watch is very important. We have already spoken about the material such as metals, but we also need to mention colors.


Generally, what we have found is that classic, toned-down, and nature-like colors always work well with watches. What can be more difficult to pair are colored bracelets such as green, blue, red, etc. When it comes to colors, it depends on the watch you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing a blue watch, then a navy blue and discreet bracelet will look great. If you have a blue watch and pair it with a bright yellow bracelet, it can risk looking childish or “too much”.´

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