How To Wear Bracelets for Men Complete Guide

Learn the principles of wearing bracelets as a man without looking like you’re trying too much.

Bracelets for men have existed in many different forms over the years. Men’s bracelet trends have come and gone in the last decades. If we ignore the trends, you will notice one thing that remains – the bracelets.

A bracelet is one of the simplest accessories you can wear. A small leather strap or beads can work as the final touch to your outfit, as well as help to share and show off some of your personality without having to say anything. It can be a clue to your life outside of work or that you want to share a feeling with those around you.

Wearing bracelets as a man should look effortless yet stylish.  How do you achieve that?

On what wrist should you wear bracelets?

If you want to wear a bracelet with your watch … then you wear it on the same wrist as the wristwatch. Otherwise, you wear it on the opposite side.
There are no rules – just preferences. Just be careful that the bracelet does not get in the way when working. It may mean that you may wear it on the left side if you are right-handed or the opposite if you are left-handed. It’s simply a matter of taste.

How to choose the right bracelet

Ease can be found by knowing some basic things about bracelets:

  • Proportion and size
  • The style
  • What occasion you are going to wear it on

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Bracelet size

Your bracelet should be proportionate to your size and fit right.
This means that you wear larger bracelets for larger wrists and smaller bracelets for narrower wrists.
In addition, the bracelet should sit so that it sits comfortably on the wrist. Some bracelets such as pearl bracelets on elastic straps are a size that fits everyone and limits how small/large they can fit.
A large metal bracelet that goes up and down the arm will be a bit large. Anything that has more weight should have a good fit, lighter bracelets can have a little more freedom. This is a general rule that can be helpful.

How to find the right bracelet size

A bracelet with a good fit gives some extra space between itself and your wrist … but not so much that it goes up and down on your arm.
You should be able to insert 1 or 2 fingers between the bracelet and your wrist.
A good tip is to look at the bracelet as if it was a wristwatch – wear it under the cuff. Remember that if you wear a larger bracelet, it can create a bump under your cuff, or not even slip under the cuff.

Consider the style

What are you looking for? That is an important question. Bracelets – and other accessories in general – are used to make your style more personal. Think about which message you are trying to send with your style. Remember that it should look effortless. That’s what we’re looking for. A good tip is to choose something natural.
Natural materials such as leather, wood, and stone just look better with time and use. The colors in these materials are easier to wear and fit almost any outfit.
Wearing glossy metal may or may not suit your style and outfit. Your bracelet will send a message and some will ask if there is a particular reason you are wearing it. Choose a bracelet that suits you and tells you who you are.

Choose bracelet according to the occasion

Have in mind that you can always take off your bracelets. Even if you have a few favorites that you wear most of the time, you need to identify which occasions is a good fit to wear them, and which occasions they may not be ideal.
For more formal occasions, we recommend wearing a thin, discreet and simple bracelet in a darker color. You can always wear silver or gold that matches the color of the cufflinks.
On special occasions – such as at nightclubs, concerts, and sporting events where you perhaps want to stand out a bit, it is good to dress a little more personalized and with more flair o stand out from everyone else through your style. Do not hesitate to be bold in such contexts.

How to wear bracelets with your watch

The idea of ​​wearing a bundle of 1-2 bracelets with your wristwatch on one and the same wrist. Thin bracelets fit best and should sit under the watch (close to the hand) – instead of above the watch (closer to the elbow).

This style fits well when you have a watch and bracelet that fit together without creating too much contrast. Keep an eye on your watch, belt, tie clip, and bracelet. Match metals and metal tones.

You don’t want your bracelet to steal the show from your watch, only complement it. Larger watches are obviously better against coarser bracelets, while more refined and thinner watches fit better with narrower bracelets. No matter what, your accessories should send the same message. A good bracelet does what all good accessories do – it ties together your look.
Remember that visual importance is important when styling with bracelets and don’t be afraid to experiment.
You can always remove the bracelet if you feel it is not suitable for you. This also applies to all other accessories – you can change and remove them. Test yourself and feel for it.

How to wear bracelets

It is possible to stack and mix and match your bracelets, but this requires some skills and knowing how to do it. If you aren’t an expert in wearing bracelets, the route to go is the simpler the better.
Style and attire are all about balance. You want to avoid wearing multiple bracelets on the same wrist and have the other wrist completely naked. You should also avoid wearing the same bracelet on both wrists to avoid a handcuff look.

Stand in front of the mirror and check yourself. Remove the bracelet if you are feeling doubtful. Start with 1 or 2 bracelets and put them on a wrist. You’re done.
Wear your bracelet on the opposite side to your wristwatch or do not wear the watch and select the bracelet instead. Make sure your watch and bracelet are not too similar in width (visual weight) – a thicker watch requires a thinner bracelet.

Use a bracelet to tie your style together by choosing discreet colors from your outfit. Use basic colors from your shirt or buttons and match the bracelet to that color or tone. Or in love with natural colors – wood or leather – such bracelets fit everything.

Braided leather with yellow gold skulls

How to stack bracelets

This is the sought-after influencer vibe that many people are inspired by and are looking to achieve. Several bracelets that are worn together on a wrist for the traveled, lightweight and individual style.

Fifteen bracelets that go up and down the arm look good in a picture but are a little unmanageable for everyday life.

Start by bundling 3 to 4 men’s bracelets that share a similar theme, but they don’t have to match each other perfectly. The bracelets should not be in the exact same color or metal.
The best bundle is the one that is a mix of colors and materials. Try 2 pearl bracelets with 1 natural colored leather strap.

If it looks good and you feel comfortable with it, add another leather bracelet of different width to the mix.
A wristwatch is counted as part of the stacking equation, so you do not need more than 2 bracelets to reach full power.

To stack bracelets, here are some tips on what to wear and how to wear them:

  • A mix of beads in different styles / sizes
  • Wear light brown leather and steel bracelet
  • Combine leather and pearl bracelets for a more bohemian twist
  • Mix different chains and bracelet styles for the tougher masculine vibes
  • Avoid color overload by wearing 1 neutral bracelet instead of 2 colorful ones.
  • Avoid bundling coarse metal bracelets.
  • Remember you only need one bundle. Bundling both wrists will give a heavy impression and will not be so comfortable.

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