How to Wear Bangle Bracelets

A bangle bracelet is a solid metal bracelet. Usually, it is shaped like a C so that you can correct how tight it is by gently squeezing it or “stretching it”. However, it is greatly important to be careful, so that you do not stand there with a bracelet shaped like an ‘S’.

A bangle bracelet, or just ‘bangle’ as you say, can seem more difficult to wear than a traditional bracelet for men in, for example. wood, leather or fabric. But do not worry, with a little thought it is easy to get it neat.

Below are our 3 best style tips on how to best wear a bangle bracelet!

1. Match the metals

As in most cases when you wear metal in the form of accessories or as details on your clothes, you want to match the color of all metal. For example, if you wear a ring in silver, you should choose a watch in silver/steel color, not one in gold. For women who usually wear more accessories than us men, this is less true, but we men should focus on few but well-chosen accessories for the nicest possible overall.

So when you are going to match your bangle bracelet you should, therefore, choose one in the same metal as for example your watch (as in the picture at the top of the article).

2. Mix the materials

It will be the most stylish when you match both the color of the metal (as mentioned above) but also mix up the materials so that they complement each other. A metal bracelet (or bangle as it is also called) works very well with a watch with leather bracelets or fabric bracelets, as it then becomes not only a wall of metal, but rather a nice combination of soft and hard, living and dead materials so that say.

3. Keep it simple

If you are not a person who likes to stand out, the easiest way is to just keep it simple, leave the watch/bracelets/rings at home and run stripped and simple with just your bangle bracelet for a classy look.


When you match your bangle bracelet with the rest of your outfit you have 3 choices for a stylish and well-composed outfit:

  • Match the color of the metal – gold-bangle to gold watch, etc.
  • Mix the materials – for example, a watch with leather bracelets for your bangle
  • Keep it simple – skip all the other accessories and let the bracelet take care of the snack

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