How To Wear Arm Candy For Women

How To Wear Arm Candy For Women

Wearing arm candy is much more than just pileing bracelet after bracelet. There is actually some kind of strategy behind it in order to make it look as flawless as possible.

The strategy you’re going to use depends on where you are going, for example to work or to a party, because that’s what will decide how you’re going to wear bracelets and what bracelets you should be wearing.

In this article, youll learn how to wear different kind of arm candy for different kind of occasions.

5 Ways To Wear Arm Candy

1. Casual Style

If you’re looking to go with a casual look, this is an approach you should take.

For casual looks, wearing more earthy materials as bracelets complements your outfit really well.

Materials that are great for casual looks are:

  1. Yarn
  2. Beads
  3. Woven textures

Wrap bracelets are also great because these can be adjusted to fit your wrist, no matter what size you have for a perfect fit.

When going for a casual look, stacking more bracelets on more arm can really make your over all appearance pop as it creates an asymetrical balance that looks great with more casual styles.

2. Sophistication with a dash of Classic

This is perfect if you love to accessorize but don’t want your wristwear to be too bold. In the workplace, this is often a go-to strategy for many fashionable women.

This approach is a great way to add some fun accessories to your outfit without being to bold.

To succeed with creating an original sophisticated look, keeping your bracelets within the same colour family makes for a sleek monochromatic look. All black arm candy especially, is a move that can’t go wrong since it adds a sleek and chic look for your workplace.

Bonus tip:

If you, like me, like to wear larger bracelets, having them slip of your wrist can be annoying. Having a watch as a base helps prevent them from slipping off from your wrist. Having your watch at the bottom intead of the top works as a stopped that holds your bracelets in place.

3. Everyday wear

You want to have some unique and stylish bracelets for everyday wear. Here, you also have the possibility of experiementing a bit to really create a unique yet stylish look.

A tip is to mix delicate silver, gold & rose gold pieces for everyday elegance. These types of metals normally matches well with everything you throw on, so for everyday wear, you don’t have to think about what you should wear on your wrist as these types of bracelets looks amazing no matter what outfit you go for.

Precious metals make for a beautiul eveyday look that you can feel comfortable in.

4. Glamorous occasions

This is the ultimate wrist candy for a night out or any other occasion where you want to get glammed up.

A great thing with arm candy is that you are able to really enhance a whole outfit with the help of a few bracelets.

If you’re wearing a cute dress for example, to make it a bit more flashy and transform your outfit into something that screams luxury and glam, you should add diamonds.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend after all.

Even if you have a more casual outfit, it’s a great way to make your outfit a bit more glamurous.

Silver and gold looks really great together, especially when combined with diamonds so if you’re feeling like being more dressed up, adding a bit of flash with diamond, gold and silver is a must!

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