Top Reasons Why Wearing The Right Size Bracelets is Important

Top Reasons Why Wearing The Right Size Bracelets is Important

When wearing bracelets, it is not only about the type of bracelets you wear that will decide how it looks on you. One important part of making bracelets look good on you is wearing bracelets that fits properly.

Why does this matter?

Wearing bracelets is an art. You can’t expect that buying a bracelets that looks good on display will look good when it sits on your wrist. The same principle goes for when buying clothes. You might have spotted a shirt that looks amazing and decide to buy it, but once you put it on, it’s too big.  In that moment, it doesn’t matter how good the shirt looks, it doesn’t look good on you.

The same thing goes for bracelets. But here, it is not only about the size around your wrist. The size of the bracelet also plays an important part. And here, we’re talking about the actual size, in millimetres, which is height and width.

There’s a catch

As we talked about, the size of the bracelets can make a huge difference in how it looks. For example, an “average” looking bracelet can look better on you if it sits properly than a bracelet that you absolutely love but doesn’t sit very well on your wrist.

How Can You Actually Use This?

Now that you know size matters when it comes to bracelets,  you should choose bracelets accordingly.

For example, stacking large bracelets with a big width is a big no-no – especially for men. Doing this will only look clumsy and like you have no idea of what you’re dong.

So what can you do instead?

The golden rule is simple. Apply these rules when wearing bracelets to make your wristgame look flawless.

We can divide bracelets in to three categories.

Large bracelets

Medium sized bracelets

And.. Small bracelets.

Doing this helps you decide which bracelets you should pair together and which bracelets you should leave alone.

Large Bracelets

Large bracelets are the chunky ones that takes up a lot of space on your wrist.

These bracelets should not be stacked together with any other bracelets. When wearing large bracelets, one is enough.

Medium Sized Bracelets

These bracelets take up less size on your wrist. A normal medium sized bracelet is around 6mm thick.

When looking to stack medium bracelets, you should be careful, however know that stacking can be done. Limit yourself to two medium sized bracelets though.

Small bracelets

Small bracelets are normally 5 millimetres thick and below.

Here’s where it gets fun.

Normally, macrame, string and small brads fall into this category.

With small bracelets, you can go a bit more crazy when mixing and matching.

Since these bracelets don’t take up too much space on your wrist, you can stack up to four on one wrist, but not more than that.

Try mixing different materials and colours, and if you can, add a bracelet or two that matches the colour of something from your outfit, for example your belt or shoes. This can dramatically increase the over all appearance of your outfit and send signals that you are a guy that is very style-aware.

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