Tips to Take Care of Your Jewelry While Traveling

Jewelry as an accessory during a holiday is a great idea but one that comes with risks. You carry so many valuables when traveling, from phones to expensive jewelry. The last thing you want to stress or worry about is the safety of your valuables when all you want is to enjoy and rest. Hotels are not the safest places, and it is common for jewelry to get lost in swimming pools. But you don’t have to stress because here are some tips for taking care of your jewelry while on the go.

Pack light

First and foremost, avoid the temptation to toss all your jewelry in your travel box. The high chances are that you will not get to wear all of them. Just pack your versatile jewelry and the essential pieces you always feel incomplete without. Traveling with your expensive jewelry only adds to your burden of taking care of them. Be realistic and carry only versatile pieces that can complete every outfit.

List or photograph everything.

Listing or photographing every piece of jewelry you have with you on transit is essential if worse happens. If you lose your jewelry box, it becomes easier to search, and it is also vital for insurance purposes. Write two lists; leave one at home and carry the other one.

Invest in a travel jewelry case

Whether traveling for a short stay or an extended vacation, investing in a high-quality travel jewelry case is advisable to keep your jewelry safe. A jewelry case with storage compartments for your earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets prevents them from tangling up and should be compact enough to fit in your hand luggage. It is relatively inexpensive, and you can always use it whenever you travel.

Ensure your valuable jewelry

Ensure your travel insurance covers your jewelry, especially if you travel with expensive jewelry to a destination you have never been before. You never know the crime rates over there and whether you will be an easy target for thieves. Insuring your jewelry when traveling is essential.

Always be discreet

Resist the temptation to flaunt your valuables and try to be discreet with your jewelry. This is important, especially when traveling to places with higher crime rates or when traveling alone. Note that even vacation destinations that feel safe can be overrun by pickpockets and burglars at odd hours. Please take off your jewelry and lock them in a safe when you go swimming.

Avoid swimming with your jewelry on

Even if your jewelry is water-resistant, avoid swimming with it on. Water softens pearls, and precious metals can react with chemicals and salts in swimming pools and oceans. Therefore save your precious jewelry for wearing on a night out.

The takeaway

When traveling with jewelry, be discreet, insure expensive jewelry, and use the hotel safe. It is good to invest in a travel case for jewelry that can fit in your hand luggage and secure your jewelry to prevent tangling.

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