The Ultimate Bracelet Guide For Men

The Ultimate Bracelet Guide For Men

Should men wear bracelets or not?

This is a dubject that stirs up a lot of emotions among some men but wearing bracelets correctly – and wearing thr right bracelets, can really enhance your style and ove all appearance.

As bracelets have been more popular among women than men, it’s easy to believe that bracelets ae something feminine and an alley that men shouldn’t walk in.

However, bracelets are just like any jewelry – watches, necklaces and rings, and can be part of any stylish man’s wardrobe accessories.

Why should men wear bracelets?

Once we’ve gotten past the stage and mindset that bracelets are something feminine and an accessorie that shouldn’t be worn by men, we can go more into detail of the reasons men should wear bracelets, and the benefits it has.

Just like any piece of jewelry, bracelets helps improve your outfit and can add a little bit of personality to your otherwise neutral dress code. Bracelets are especially suitable when wearing a suit as there are few accessories that helps you stand out when wearing one.

What bracelets should you wear?

The type of bracelets you wear depends on the occasion and the outfit you wear.

If you are going for a suit, something discrete such as steel or silver bracelets makes for a great combo, that doesn’t steel the show. It just helps show that you are aware of what you are wearing and that you have put some thought into it. It might be a small detail but it sends signals that you care about your appearance, portraying you as someone who knows what you’re doing.

If you go with a more casual look, for example jeans and a shirt, the bracelets you choose should be different, but the purpose of the bracelets is still the same – adding personality and a signal of self-awareness.

What about the sizing?

The sizing and fit of the bracelets you are wearing have a lot to do with how they look on your wrist. For women, larger bracelets with a bit more play is more common, but as a man, you should aim towards getting bracelets that sits properly on your wrist. Especially if you’re dressed up. It’s just like a tailor-made suit, fitted to perfection.

How should you wear bracelets?

There are some basic rules you should apply to the way you wear bracelets.

Here are some basic, yet important guidelines of wearing them properly:

  • Don’t stack too many bracelets on one arm – it will just look clumsy
  • Bracelets one one arm is the best recipe. If you are wearing a watch on one arm, don’t add a ton of bracelets on the same wrist. Wearing them on the other wrist will help balance your accesories.
  • When stacking bracelets, go for more thin bracelets such as leather cords, don’t go stacking up several bangles on one arm.
  • While it can sometimes look good adding bracelets on the same wrist as your watch, the safe bet is wearing them on the other arm.
  • Don’t wear bracelets in a bold colour when wearing something preppy. Stay with more cold and natural colours when doing so.

What Type Of Bracelets For Which Occasions?

As we’ve identified, not all bracelets are suitable for all occasions. This means that as a style-conscious man, you need to have a collection of bracelets that you can switch between, based on the occasion and your outfit.

Here, we’ll present some of the safe bets in the form of bracelets that you can wear for different occasions.

1.  Steel bracelets

Steel is a very masculine material and wearing steel bracelets is no exception.

Steel bracelets are very natural and not bold. These are often the type of bracelets that goes well with a suit to enhance your apearance.

Here, you want to stay more careful, so one bracelets is often enough.

Add a steel bangle or a bead bracelet in a steel colour to your suit, to make for a bold statement.

When wearing steel bracelets together witha suit, you want to be a bit careful with gemstones. Normally, they can appear as too flashy together with a suit, but if you know what you’re doing, it should be fine.

2. Leather bracelets

Leather bracelets are all-around bracelets for men. Depending on the colour of course.

Just like jeans, you can wear them on almost any occasion. If you feel like dressing up, you can put on a shirt and throw on a jacket and it will still look good.

The good thing with leather bracelets is that they come in all different shapes, colours and sizes so finding one for you won’t be difficult. Just like steel, leather is also considered to be quite manly so you won’t take a very big risk of adding one to your outfit.

You can see leather bracelets everywhere, and for men, they have become an easy way to add a bit of personal touch to any outfit.

If you feel like going more relaxed, stacking several thinner leather cords is a stylish yet relaxed approach that simply can’t go wrong.

For more dressed up outfits, one or two thicker leather bracelets are perfect. Of course in a natural colour such as black or brown.

Wearing leather bracelets to a conservative meeting full of suits might be a bit edgy but if you have a confident style and authority, you might just be able to pull it off.

3. Macrame bracelets

Macrame bracelets are even more casual than thin leather bracelets son these aren’t something you should wear with a suit.

Macrame bracelets have a very casual look to them but those who are adorned with some precious metals such as beads, will still add a touch of luxury to your outfit.

These types of bracelets are perfect for a relaxed outfit, for example if you’re on the beach or are wearing a t-shirt. Macrame bracelets often look great in a bold and strong colour, so adding a few bright-coloured bracelets to your otherwise casual style can really help make your otherwise boring outfit pop.

In addition, these are super comfortable to wear, so it goes well together with a comfortable, casual style.

4. Gemstone bracelets

These, you should be careful with as a man, but if you can pull them, they can look amazing and complement your style in a way that most men only can dream about.

While gemstone bracelets are mainly for dressed-up occasions worn by women, for men, they are something i-between.

Normally, gemstone bracelets don’t go well with a suit, but with a nice shirt and some stylish chinos, they can be just right.

Here, you can mix and match between different metals and see which suits you the best.

5. Beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets are super easy to wear, mainly because they’re normally one size fits all.

Here, the occasion mostly depend on the type of beaded bracelet. For example, stone beads in various colours makes for a more casual look and should be worn accordingly. Beaded bracelets in precious metals can and should be worn with similaroutfits as the gemstone bracelets, but these make for a less “risky” choice and can be worn without the fear of looking feminine.

Of course, these are just general “rules” that goes for most men. There will of course be exceptions. If you’re a man who can pull most accessories of with a bit of swagger and class, you should certainly do it, because being unique can ultimately make you a trendsetter who create trends that evntually becomes the “norm” for most men.

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