How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Gold and silver are soft metals that require maintenance to stay fresh for a long time. Wear on exposed places is inevitable, so it is good if you look after your jewelry regularly, and also have them looked at by a professional occasionally.

Here are our best care tips for your jewelry.

  • Be sure to use the right polishes for your jewelry. There are various means to suit different metals and stones.
  • Silver and gold jewelry: Dip the jewelry in a gold and silver dip that removes dirt. Afterward, you can polish with a cushioned cloth to give the shine. If you want to remove any scratches on the jewelry, you must submit the jewelry for professional cleaning.
  • Steel jewelry: Steel jewelry must be handed in and polished by a goldsmith.
  • Precious stones, cubic zirconia and Swarovski crystals: Use a polishing stick on your stones and they will shine like never before.

Tips for longer durability

  • Take off your jewelry when you wash, shower, sleep, exercise or bathe in chlorinated water or in saltwater.
  • Store your jewelry in a jewelry box or in any other way that prevents scratches.
  • You should use pearls often, they will be more beautiful. But they are sensitive, so take them out at the sun and sauna bath, in the shower or at the hairdresser. Be careful not to get hairspray or perfume on your beads. Submit your beads for re-entry so as not to risk the bead side breaking.
  • All surface treatments, such as gilding, rubbing, oxidation, and matting are worn out over time. You can hand in your jewelry to a goldsmith and they will restore it to perfection again. The goldsmith also checks the locks and mountings on jewelry with precious stones and cleans precious metals and stones with professional tools. Furthermore, they check that the stones are whole and if the frame needs to be repaired. If the jewelry has a surface treatment, it can be improved so that your jewelry shines and shines like new. At the goldsmith’s shop, you can also buy special plaster and cloths that you can use at home yourself.
  • Even if you are careful with your jewelry and take good care of them, we recommend that you submit them to a jeweler once a year for a thorough review and cleaning.
  • Just like hair, clothes, and shoes, your jewelry requires a little care and cleaning to stay beautiful.

Care tips for your jewelry

  • Do not use jewelry when sleeping, showering and during sports. This way you reduce the risk of stubborn dirt, color changes, and unnecessary wear.
  • Store the jewelry in the box you got it in or in a jewelry box. The best thing is to keep jewelry so that they do not have contact with each other. When they are together, the risk of scratches increases.
  • Wash your silver and gold jewelry every now and then, and they will regain their luster. The best way to do this is to pour a few drops of detergent into lukewarm water and gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. Rinse properly and wipe dry with a soft cloth.
  • Keep in mind that jewelry with stones requires very careful treatment. Check them from time to time so that the stones are stuck properly.
  • White gold jewelry coated with rhodium occasionally requires a redesign to retain its white color. Some goldsmiths also clean jewelry using ultrasound.

Finally, here comes a thoughtful piece of advice; Gold jewelry is as much investment as it is an accessory. Gold as a commodity has increased several hundred percent in value in recent years. Those who bought jewelry ten years ago can nowadays rejoice that their gold jewelry has a higher value than when it was purchased.

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