How to Spot Fake Jewelry

You don’t have to be so scared of it being fake gold. Look for the hallmarks for gold.

Unfortunately, many people in the store discover that gold has turned into sand, that they have bought a piece of steel or brass with gold paint on it. But there are some classic ways to judge if it is real gold.

The first is to check for stamps. Look for the hallmark for gold. And usually also a designation for the carat content of gold.

If it says 24K it is pure gold and if it says 18K it is 75 percent gold. Sometimes, instead, there are numbers where 750 stands for 18K and 585 for 14K. Then you pick up a magnet from your pocket. Gold is not magnetic, so the jewelry sticks to the magnet, it is not gold.

Scrap gold or box office gold is used gold, usually old jewelry that has become outdated or broken.
The scrap gold is melted down and sold on, primarily to companies in three areas: the jewelry industry, IT companies for the production of computers and mobiles, and the financial sector that uses investment stacks. The investment stacks are available in different sizes, from 1 gram up to several kilos.

The international gold price has risen sharply in recent years, but the gold price is constantly changing, both up and down.

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