Quick Guide to Diamonds

Diamonds are extremely sought-after due to their rare nature. But diamonds can actually differ a lot in quality and price. So what should you think about when buying diamonds?

Begin with the 4 C:s which is used for grading diamond quality.

  • COLOR = color
  • CLARITY = Clarity
  • CUT = Grinding
  • CARAT = Weight

There are several important factors to consider, order your diamond ring from a knowledgeable and responsible professional who, moreover, does not carelessly spend money on it.

The color is judged against a calibrated white paper;

  • CAPE
  • F to G
  • hrs
  • IN
  • J
  • K to L
  • M to N
  • O to R
  • S to Z

CLARITY / Inclusions describes how many, or how large, natural inclusions are in the diamond. This is assessed by means of a magnifying glass 10 times magnification and assessing the clarity and inclusions of the diamond.

  • No inclusions, very durable
  • Very small inclusions, very durable
  • Very small inclusions, durable, can be OK in larger stones
  • Small inclusions, avoid
  • Avoid clear inclusions (visible to the naked eye)

Grinding is the factor that affects the appearance of diamonds the most. Grinding grades are called:

  • GOOD
  • Moderate
  • BAD

The outer edge of the diamond is important. It should be smooth and polished as it gives a more durable stone.
The diamond is very hard, but at the same time, any surface damage or internal stress can cause it to be more brittle.

  • The normal color of the jewelry diamond is a pale yellow to yellow/brown.
  • The diamond can be heat treated and available in different colors.
  • Diamonds can be manipulated by removing a defect and replacing it with other material.
  • A diamond normally tolerates quite high heat before it absorbs oxygen into the air and turns gray.
  • A heat-treated diamond loses luster. and its purity or grinding cannot outweigh the lost luster in the stone.
  • Heat-treated diamonds are made from inferior materials, and usually have significantly more inclusions, resulting in a weaker stone.
  • A manipulated diamond can completely lose its former appearance when heated as the injected synthetic material is corrupted by the heat. Therefore, it is difficult for a non-skilled person to buy large and expensive diamonds.

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