How Men Should Wear Bracelets

How Men Should Wear Bracelets

If you’ve been following men’s fashion magazines and blogs, you might have seen that a trend has been developing over the last couple of years.

That trend is the popularity of wearing bracelets as a male.

Many years ago, bracelets were in general an accessory only worn by women but as times changed and trends developed, men have also started wearing different bracelets for different occasions.

In this article, we’ll be going in-depth about how men should wear bracelets and how they shouldn’t wear them.

1. Size matters

Something that will decide the overall look of your bracelets is the size. When talking about the size, we’re not talking about the fit of the bracelet on your wrist but the actual size of the bracelet.

The size is important when wearing bracelets but what is the golden rule?

If you’re wearing something that is on the larger side, one bracelet is usually enough.

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If you want to wear multiple bracelets on one wrist, smaller is better. You can have multiple smaller bracelets together, stacked up, giving a fairly cool look.

2. Which wrist to wear it on?

Something that you should also know is what wrist to wear your bracelets on.

When it comes to deciding which wrist to wear your bracelets on, that decision is up to you.

There is no real right or wrong.

If you wear a watch on one wrist, it can look cool to add some bracelets that match the watch on the same wrist. To add some color, you can add more daring bracelets on the other wrist.

3. Mixing and matching

Here’s where it gets interesting when it comes to bracelets.

Generally, stacking the same kind of bracelets isn’t a good idea. It can look messy and not very stylish.

Try mixing different types of bracelets if you want to stack them together but just remember the rule of not stacking to large bracelets.

Something that often makes a great match is mixing bead-type bracelets with string-type bracelets. When doing so, the combination of different types of bracelets is what keeps it interesting.

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