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How Many Bracelets Should You Wear on one Wrist?

How Many Bracelets Should You Wear on one Wrist?

This subject is a very discussed one when it comes to how many bracelets a man should wear on one wrist. Surprisingly though, there are quite few answeres out there – and very few good ones , so today, we’ll be discussing how many bracelets you should wear on one wrist.

So, how many bracelets should a man wear on one wrist? Well, the boring answer will always be that it depends, but we with that. Let us explain:

What it depends on is the occasion you’re wearng bracelets to, how you wear and what kind of guy you are. If you’re in a creative field and dressing casually, then you can go all out and all in as you’ll be able to pull it of. As Johnny Depp proves, it’s almost impossible to overdo it on the jewelry if it’s part of your overall look.

This is a very interesting point because when it comes to Johhny Depp, he is famous for the way he wears bracelets, and maybe it is his authority and the manlyness he radiates when wearing them that makes it go so well with his over all appearance.

There’s a difference..

However if you’re not in a creative field and dressing casually and instead work  if you’re talking about wearing a bracelet to work as an accountant in a conservative American office, for example, even one bracelet can be a lot on one wrist. This is because the tradition and the dress code of looking like everybody else is completely different from the example above.

The best way to decide how many bracelets you should wear in conservative enviroments is to use your sense and your own judgement do decide on the right amount of wrist bling.

Another great way to determine whether or not you can pull of several bracelets is by looking around you at the other men in your space. More specifically, look at the people who have been in the same position as you but for a longer period of time. Are they wearing bracelets? If so, how many? If not, it might be an indication that you should be very conservative with the amount of bracelets you put on, maybe satisfy with one. Or, it can be an indication that no one have dared to break the conservative patterns and all that is needed is someone to take the first step. Once again, your judgment is the best tool.

There’s more…

Let’s continue on the “it depends” track, but explain it a bit more.

Another reason that the amount of bracelets you should wear on one wrist depends is because not all bracelets are alike. There are large bracelets, clumsy bracelets, thin and thick bracelets.

Which of these you choose to wear ultimately decides how many you can stack on your wrist.

If you are wearing large bracelets, one might do the job very well, because if you starting wearing multiple on one wrist, it can look clumsy and awkward.

If you are wearing mid-size bracelets, you can do a bit more stacking. However, as these are fairly large as well, two is a pretty good number, but then again, it depends and can vary case-by-case based on the nature of the bracelets you are wearing.

If you are wearing smaller bracelets, you can do a little bit more stacking but have 4 or 5 bracelets as maximum. Stacking bracelet is a way to show your true character and helps portray your personal style. Here, the best is to experiement to find what you think looks best but experiementing with both steel and gold can create a very bold yet appealing look. Something that also can look good is adding a bracelet in the same colour as something you’re wearing, for example a belt or shoes. This helps create a connection and makes for a better over all appearance, plus – it makes you look like a style guru.

Note that these are just general guidelines and should be valued accordingly. If your’re a guy who can pull of stacking 4 mid-size bracelets, you should of course do that if you feel comfortable doing so.

Can you  stack bracelets on the same wrist as your watch?

Absolutely! But you’ll have to be careful. Wearing bracelets on the same wrist as your watch can make your wrist look crowded and unbalanced. Something to really think about is wearing metal bracelets against your watch can leave scratches on it, so if you are very careful of your watch, wearing softer bracelets that doesn’t scratch your watch is a recommendatioon.

Even if wearing bracelets and watch on the same wrist is a bold move, doing so correctly can help potray the watch in a very beautiful way.