How to Make Stamped Jewelry With Lettering

Do you want to personalize your jewelry by stamping them?  Here is a little guide with tips on how to do it. Remember that exercise provides skill and the first ones you do will not be perfect but a little oblique is a sign of the love with which the jewelry is made.

Materials you need.

  • punches
  • Hammer
  • flat Iron
  • Tape for punching
  • Take a punch
  • Marker
  • Cloth

Step 1.

Place your tag or what is to be punched on a flat iron. To stamp evenly and in a straight line, apply a strip of tape along your workpiece to create a guide. The top edge of the punching tape helps keep all your punches straight. To ensure that your punches are evenly distributed, mark the ribbon with a pencil where each letter or character should be punched.

Step 2

Place your punch on the disc. Lightly pull the punch toward the tape until you feel that the bottom of the punch is against the top edge of the tape. Also, make sure that you have the punch in the right direction so that it does not tilt or upside down.

Step 3

Hold your punch so that the head of the punch is flush with the metal plate, the punch should be completely flat against the tag. Now hit with the hammer on the punch, how hard it is hard to describe and depends on what you have for a while and how the punch looks.
If you have struck too easily, you can strike again as long as the punch has not been moved, you can “feel” with the punch and find the right position to strike again if the punch is not fully visible.
Note we recommend that you test on some tags to get the feel. Punches with more detail require a harder punch than punches with smaller details.

Step 4

Repeat step 3 until you have punched all letters or characters, and then remove the tape.

Step 5

To make sure that the text really stands out, you can fill it with a special color that we sell. Fill in your text using the stylus, after about 10 seconds, use a paper towel or polish to wipe away any excess on the tag, repeating if necessary. The enamel fills the impression so that it stands out and gives a more beautiful piece of jewelry.

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