How to Make Your Jewelry to Last Longer

Whether you prefer real metals and gems or own a wealth of jewelery, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep your jewelry nice for longer.

There are better ones and there are less good ways to handle your jewelry. Whether quality or necklace, bracelet or earrings, most people are slightly delicate and incorrect handling can greatly shorten their lifespan.

Here are our top tips on keeping your accessories in the best possible condition:

1. Take off

Have the habit of always taking off your jewelry before bedtime, the same goes for training. In addition to the risk of scratching and dropping rings as well as earrings and thin chains, for example, chlorine water and sweat can stain and wear on the material. The salt in the sweat causes, among other things, gold and silver to oxidize, that is, dark and yellow.

2. Store separately

Keep jewelry separate from each other to avoid scratches and tangles. In addition, different materials can react to each other and discolor. Special jewelery boxes, small boxes or accompanying bags work well.

3. Avoid sun and moisture

Do not leave your jewelry in the sun, as the rays can bleach both plastic and real metals. Also avoid moisture that can cause silver and gold – both pure and plated – to oxidize. Strive to keep your jewelry dark and cool.

4. Dry well

Using body lotion is good for the skin, but not as good for your jewelry. Therefore, always remove them when lubricating and make sure that the cream dries completely before applying them again.

5. Do not expose to water

Jewelry should not be exposed to water, so take them off when you shower, bathe and wash. Perfume can also damage the material.

6. Carefully clean

A little dust is easily removed with a dry flip-flop or soft, dry cloth and stains can be cleaned with a clean toothbrush and some detergent.

7. Review your rings regularly

Of all the jewelery, rings are exposed to the most dirt and wear and should therefore be cleaned at least once a week, the same goes for earrings. Ingrown dirt is not only unsightly, it can also irritate the skin. If the dirt is stubborn you may need a detergent especially for jewelry, they are usually available to buy in the gold shop.

8. Don’t forget the collars

Although necklaces, bracelets and charms do not get dirty as easily as rings and earrings, they should still be cleaned regularly. Once a month is usually quite adequate, also then with a toothbrush, dishwashing liquid and water.

Last but not least

Although it is important to care for your jewelry, we must not forget the most important thing: Jewelry is for use and placed in a jewelry box in a dark and cool room they do not make anyone happy.

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