How to Make a Friendship Bracelet

Something that is fun to do is friendship bracelets. It’s a fun and stylish symbol of friendship that will create a great connection between you and your best friend. In this quick post, we will teach you how to make friendship bracelets.

This is a simple variant. Start from the left (white thread) and tie two knots on the thread to the right of it (yellow). Go to the next thread (orange) and knit two knots on it as well.

Continue working the same way to the right until you have knit 2 knots for each thread. Start from left by taking the thread on the far left and tie two knots on the thread on the right of it. Then continue until the bracelet becomes reasonably long. Then tie a knot on all the threads. You can save a bunch of threads so you have nice tassels.

Method 2 to make friendship bracelets

Half of the threads are tied from left to center, the other half from right to the center. It is important to keep in mind that the threads are in the correct order. Take the two apricot-colored threads and make them lay innermost, on each side of them a yellow thread and then two whites. In this way, each “v” becomes the same color.

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