Lost your Jewelry? Most Common Places We Put Them

You know the feeling. The panic that comes when you can’t find your expensive necklace or engagement ring. Sometimes the accident comes and you lose your beloved jewelry or rings. Jewelry is relatively small objects and add on top of that the fact that we often take them off for different reasons. The catch is just that you may take them off, and then forget that you have done so, or where you put them. In this post, we list the most common places where we tend to place our jewelry.

Most common places where we put our jewelry (where we lose them)

The kitchen sink

If you have done the dishes, you have probably also removed your ring. As such, it is a place where you can tend to lose your ring. Check in and around the kitchen sink. Overall, the kitchen is a common place to remove jewelry, so check out shelves and other places where you may have left it.

The shower

If you lost the jewelry/ring just after taking a shower, chances are you will find your lost accessories in the bathroom.


You have probably already checked there, but ehre are many small compartments where it may be hiding.

The bathtub

Look in the bathtub as well as under it.

The vacuum cleaner

If you have dropped your jewelry, you may have accidentally vacuumed it when cleaning. Therefore, check the vacuum cleaner bag.


You may have taken off the ring and then done some cleaning, and then accidentally, you threw your jewelry in the trash at the same time as something else. You may even accidentally have put it in the chip bag, or similar. If you think you may have done so, check the trash.

Bedside table

Necklaces or rings often end up on the bedside table. Also check the floor and under the bed, in case it falls off.

On top of the jewelry box

Sometimes you are lazy and put your jewels on top of the jewelry box. Check around the jewelry box if you have have put it ehre.

Workplace/computer table

A common find place for misplaced things, in general, is a place where you spend a lot of time. Hence the workplace and computer table.


If you have a fireplace, it is very likely that you took off the ring when you started. It’s worth checking around the fireplace if you have have put it there.

The car

There are plenty of shelves and cavities to drop things off as soon as you get in the car.

The sofa

Lift the pillows on the sofa. If nothing else, you may find something else that has gone missing. The couch can hide a ton of things.

Parental home

Give a signal to your parents if you forgot the earrings there.

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