Do Leather Bracelets Resist Water?


Leather bracelets are nice, but they are more delicate than jewelry made of other materials. That is why you need to care for your leather bracelets. Here are some tips to taking care of your leather bracelets, and whether or not they resist water.

It is not good if the bracelet comes in contact with too much sweat. Therefore, do not wear the bracelet during workouts, hard physical work or during extra hot periods.

  • Do not bathe, shower or wash with the bracelet on
  • Make sure the bracelet does not come into contact with water when washing your hands
  • Avoid all contact with skin creams and the like
  • When the bracelet is not used, it should be stored dry in a closed space, e.g. a jewelry box or box in which the bracelet is delivered.
  • Leather can get ugly if it gets wet or damp, so keep this in mind when using it!
  • Leather is a natural material that changes over time.
  • Do not use your leather bracelet when showering or bathing. Perfume can also damage and dry out the leather bracelet, so we recommend that you wear perfume before the bracelet. The black text on the tray can come off if you spray perfume on it or use it in water.

How to clean your leather bracelets

If your leather bracelet has started to smell, you may want to consider getting rid of the smell. But how do you go about doing so?

How can you clean a leather bracelet or jewelry? Before you look for a product that you can clean and treat your leather bracelet with, you should think about how you can prevent it from being worn prematurely.

Preventive leather care

It is good to be aware of what can damage leather. Leather does not like to be exposed to water, and just like with other jewelry, you should avoid bathing and showering with leather jewelry. In addition, one should keep in mind not to get products such as sun oil, hair spray, skin cream and the like on the leather jewelry. Take the habit of wearing your leather jewelry after you have lubricated your body and done your hair. The same goes for perfume.

There are products that are used to treat leather. Just as you can impregnate your leather shoes, you can treat leather jewelry to withstand water better. This does not mean that you can then swim in the leather bracelet or expose it to rain, but it becomes more durable and retains its shape. If there is real bus weather outside and you know that your leather jewelry will come in contact with snow and rain then it is wise to leave the jewelry at home.

Avoid dust and other jewelry

Store your leather jewelry separately from other jewelry and be careful not to expose it to dust. Leather can be destroyed by a lot of dust. It is possible to put leather products in plastic bags, but it can, of course, be nicer with another solution that also protects against dust and which ensures that you always keep your jewelry organized.

When you prevent this, using the above-mentioned measures, your leather bracelets and other jewelry should keep in good shape and last for a longer time, but it is clear that you should also clean it from time to time. You can wipe the jewelry with a slightly damp cloth but sometimes it may require a little more. Leather can easily dry so it is important that you occasionally polish and treat with products that are for cleaning and treating leather. Make sure you are using the right product and follow the instructions carefully. It is also good to use some kind of moisture barrier that will prevent the moisture that you will not be able to avoid damaging your leather jewelry.

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