Jewelry Size Guide – Finding the Perfect Size for Different Jewelry

A piece of jewelry can really enhance your whole look. But equally as important as finding a beautiful piece of jewelry, is making sure it sits right and has the correct size. But how can you find the right size for your jewelry?

In this post, you can read more about how we measure various types of jewelry, and how you best judge which size suits you.

Size of Rings

Finding the correct size on a ring is very important, as having a ring that doesn’t sit well will be annoying and lead to you not wearing it. The most common ring sizes for women are 16.5mm (6) 17.5mm (7) 18mm (8) and 19mm (9). When buying a wider ring you usually need a slightly larger size. The dimensions for men are 20mm (10) 20.7mm (11) and 21.5mm (12).
Some rings are available in smaller sizes and are called fingertip rings. The most common sizes here are 14mm (3) 15mm (4) and 15.7mm (5)
European dimensions for women, 6 = size 52, 7 = size 54, 8 = size 57, 9 = size 60.
If you are unsure of the ring size you or your partner can, you can easily measure the inner diameter of an old ring with a ruler that measures in millimeters. Measure the widest part to get the right size.

Lengths on Necklace

Short necklaces can have a length of 40-46 cm, medium length necklaces can have a length of 48-58 cm are and long necklaces are often about 58-80 cm long.
Some necklaces are adjustable in length, which can be really helpful in finding the correct size

If you are unsure of the length of the necklace you want, you can easily measure with a measuring tape around your neck and compare it with the product descriptions of necklaces and their sizes.

Bracelet sizes

A wristband should not sit too tightly around the wrist but also fall off when you angle your hand down.
In product descriptions, it often says whether the bracelet can be adjusted between different lengths, whether it is malleable, or only available in one size. This is something you want to pay attention to.
If you are not sure what size you have, you can measure your wrist yourself by taking a string or measuring tape and see the centimeters and compare that with the product’s specifications.

Size of Earrings

The bracket on the different earrings is clear in many product descriptions.

When it says the size of the hanging, this often refers to the hanging itself without the hook

Hopefully, this quick size guide for jewelry helped you in finding the perfect fit for different kinds of jewelry. And remember, the fit itself is equally important as the design and look of the jewelry.

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