How to Polish Gold

Who doesn’t love gold? The sight of gold jewelry can excite the most devastated heart. Especially women wear gold jewelry with great pride and style. There comes a time when your gold jewelry stops shining like it once did. This does not mean that it is time for you to throw away that valuable piece of jewelry and get a new one of course. This means that your gold jewelry needs a lot of cleaning and polishing. But how to do it? Here are the steps required to polish gold.

Soak the gold in a cleaning mixture

Whether it is a gold chain that you need to polish or a ring, you need a magic mix. What does this magical mix consist of? The magic mixture consists of bicarbonate, detergent and water. Yes, that’s all! Fill a bowl with water and add a little bicarbonate followed by washing up liquid. Now you put your gold piece in this mixture for a few minutes, so it will have time to work!


Once the mixture has had enough time on your gold piece, the next step is to scrub the gold clean from dirt and grease. However, it is important that you are very careful about the tool you choose for the job. Why? Because if you choose something that is too hard, you do not only get rid of the dirt but you also ruin your beautiful gold. A soft baby-sized toothbrush would be perfect for the job. When scrubbing, it is also important to remember that there is no need to put much force or pressure behind. Scrubbing with gentle hands will do the job well!

Rinse off

Once you’ve done a thorough (and careful) scrubbing job, it’s time for you to rinse off the gold piece to get rid of all the “magic mix” and dirt. One recommendation is to choose hot water for this job, rather than cold, depending on the characteristics of hot water. When rinsing, the intention is to ensure that all bicarbonate mixture is removed from the surface and corners of your gold. Once you have rinsed your gold properly, inspect it to see if the process generated appropriate results or not. If you are not satisfied, repeat the procedure again to get a better result.

Get it dry

Once you have rinsed off the gold piece properly and are happy with the result, the next step in polishing your gold is to dry your damp gold jewelry. Sounds easy, right?

In fact, it is easy to make a mistake here and get scratches all over your gold jewelry, damaging its beauty. To ensure that you have the opportunity to get your gold dry without scraping it is a recommendation that you use a soft cloth for the purpose of getting it dry. The use of paper towels and paper towels is not recommended, depending on how these products can do more harm than help. Remember you need to get your gold jewelry dry, not scraped!

To finish the process of polishing your gold piece, you will need a jeweler’s cloth (soft microfiber cloth). A cloth can easily be purchased from a jeweler and in supermarkets. All you have to do is take the jewelry and gently wipe the surface of your gold. This will give the gold shine and polish. In addition, if you see any remaining debris or dirt on your gold piece, you can remove this with the cloth. Wipe off the gold a few times – at least – with the cloth to give it a needed polish!

WD-40 spray

When you talk about polishing gold, a special thought must be given to a spray that fills many functions and which we know and love, named WD-40. Why? It is for polishing gold is one of the two thousand different uses WD-40 is known to have been used for.

The use of WD-40 to polish gold dramatically simplifies the procedure. Using the WD-40 requires that you spray a clean blend with the WD-40 spray until it is wet, and then gently wipe the gold piece with the damp cloth to remove any product. And … that’s all! With WD-40, this is all you need to do to polish gold.

In addition to the dramatic simplification, there is another benefit to using the WD-40 to polish gold: remove scratches. The method that has been emphasized before is effective, no doubt, but it will not be able to handle scratches that exist on the surface of your gold piece. With WD-40, however, you can be sure of the fact that your gold will not only be polished but all scratches will be less visible.

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