A Guide to Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is a precious metal that is considered one of the world’s most exclusive. The metal platinum is a durable material with a white color that is much harder than gold, for example. Jewelry made of platinum usually consists not only of pure platinum but a mixture of different metals.

Platinum jewelry is usually made of 95% platinum and 5% copper, and thus carries the stamp P950. White gold and platinum are similar in appearance and white gold was common in the late 1800s when platinum was difficult to obtain.

Platinum is more expensive than gold

Platinum is a more expensive metal than gold due to its many beneficial properties, and platinum jewelry can be seen as a pure investment. If you are getting married, it is common to choose to buy wedding rings made of platinum. Platinum is heavier than gold and because of the high density of the metal, it feels very nice to wear platinum jewelry. The fact that a ring remains beautiful even during daily use is nice and gives the user a continued reminder of the day he or she entered into marriage with the loved one.

Platinum is a material that is difficult to obtain and does not exist to the same extent as gold and silver. If you are planning to buy platinum jewelry for someone you like, you should be out in good time as the material is an order item for some jewelers.

If you buy jewelry made of platinum, you can look forward to an exceptional quality and jewelry that maintains its luster and quality of life. If you are allergic to metals like silver, you can usually use platinum without worry, because of the purity of the metal.

Cleaning of platinum jewelry

Platinum rings with diamonds The metal’s white color and long-lasting sheen make it fit very well with other exclusive materials such as diamonds. The metal platinum does not oxidize, and as the owner of platinum jewelry, you can look forward to jewelry that is beautiful for many years despite little maintenance.

Platinum may appear to be a defect- and maintenance-free metal, but the fact is that a surface coating can occur on platinum jewelry after long-term use. To get rid of the coating it is sufficient to polish the jewelry with a soft cloth and a little lukewarm water. If the coating is difficult to remove, you can try some mild detergent such as soap to get rid of the dirt.

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