Guide to Engagement and Wedding Rings

Are you looking to buy an engagement or wedding ring? Read this guide first!

The woman: For the woman – the bride – it is first and foremost that she gets an engagement ring (preferably an engraved one where it states, for example, the date of the engagement) and then – at the wedding itself – receives another ring in the form of her wedding ring. This is placed above the engagement ring and also it can have engraving (name, date and possibly a beautiful text) on the inside.

The man: the groom on his part – he gets an engagement ring. In this, he can first and foremost do just like his future bride. Namely; engrave the date of the engagement. However: the man should make room for further engraving in his engagement ring. This when in the future – at the wedding – he should have given way to engraving for that date (as well as for his wife’s, his own name, date, and a possible declaration of love). The engagement ring the man has; he continues to wear it after the wedding – but from then on it is his wedding ring. Notice – you can also get two rings for the man when it comes to customs and traditions and no laws and regulations.

Is there an aesthetic difference between the engagement ring and wedding ring?

As said; it is not about any fixed rules and regulations that one must slavishly follow when it comes to the rings you choose. However, we believe there is a point – a kind of keyword – that one should take into account. This is especially true of the bride and in that she will (probably) wear two rings on her ring finger. Comfort. In short; Make sure that you choose two rings that “enjoy each other” both purely aesthetically and in terms of how your everyday life looks.

If your engagement ring is of the slightly wider kind then you may want to consider a slightly narrower wedding ring and vice versa. The same applies to stones, paint, and materials. Some rings fit better with each other and some rings do not work very well together when working with the body, for example. Think about your life situation and see how active you are when you combine your engagement and your wedding ring.

It is also important that you take care of your rings and make sure – if not daily so at least weekly – to wash them with ordinary detergent and lukewarm water. Also, submit the rings for service at regular intervals and have a goldsmith review their status. Something that becomes extra important when it comes to one-stone rings as the claws (which hold the stone in place) have a tendency to break.

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