How To Flawlessly Stack Bracelets For Women

How To Flawlessly Stack Bracelets For Women

Stacking bracelets is a trend right now. It’s super in and very easy to pull off. But because there are so much going on, it might be difficult to know how to stack bracelets together to make it look good.

1. When you do an arm party, you should just do it on one arm. Two stacked arm will look a bit off and people won’t know which arm to look at.

You can either stack one arm and leave the other one free, or do one arm and then accessorize with a few rings, or one arm and then a statement piece on the other. Not something that is way out there though.

These are just some general guidelines so if you want to break the rules, that’s fine:)

Stacking can be done in formal occasions, casual occasions and everything in between.

How to stack really depends on where you’re going and how you feel comfortable.

Strategy 1: Neutral look.

One safe bet is to stick to a plain and basic colour.

This is a safe bet that goes well with everything. Neutral colours such as black and brown is beautifully complimented by a few gold bracelets but also works well with silver as well.

This makes for a very edgy yet casual wrist party but you can also dress it up a bit more if you have some “out there” bracelets to add to the party.

Strategy 2: Play With Themes.

Wearing different types of bracelets stacked can create a very festive feel. Mix between bangles, gold, neutral-coloured pieces and more chunky bracelets to make for a very unique yet stylish wrist party.

This bracelet strategy goes well with everything you decide to wear, while still keeping it stylish and glamurous.

Strategy 3: Mixing Gold With Silver.

Believe it or not, silver and gold goes really well together.

When using this kind of strategy, you want one of the metals to be dominant of the other.

If you prefer yellow gold, wear more gold bracelets and then add one or a few silver bracelets to really make your wrist party pop. This is a tactic that both work on casual occasions and for everyday use. This combinatio adds a bit of flirtyness and glam to whatever it is that you are wearing.

Strategy 4: Break The Rules.

This is a bold move but once you get a hold of it, it will be a killer combo. Throw all you bracelets in front of you and work with whatever works together.

Try pairing gold and silver together, try pairing a really expensive golden or diamond bracelets with cheap bracelets and “normal” priced bracelets.

Here, you have to experiement

Work with what you have, add a few new pieces to your collection and then see what works with your outfit. Experiementing is the fun part here!

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