How to Find Your Bracelet Size

Bracelets come in all kinds of sizes. And just like it is important to wear clothes that fit well, it is also important to wear bracelets that have the right size for you.  Some bracelets are one-size – most commonly bracelet with a stretch cord, but for those that are not, you want to consider the size.

To determine your exact bracelet size, use a tape measure or string to measure the size of your wrist. Measure just above the wrist leg, as the picture below shows, and add 2 cm to your wrist size, to get the right bracelet size. Add between 0.5 to 3cm to the size depending on how loose or tight you want it to sit.

If you do not have access to a tape measure, or if you buy a gift for someone, you can follow the guidelines below.

  • 19-20cm = Fits men with narrower wrists
  • About 21 cm = Fits men with medium-sized wrists
  • 22-23 cm = Fits men with large wrists

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