Famous jewels that have been “cursed” in history!

If a woman can only have one jewel, it must be a pearl! Do you remember Princess Diana’s impressive pearl crown on so many occasions? It is named “Pearl Tears” because of its shape like a woman’s tears. Is “The Cambridge lovers Knot Tiara” the source of bad relationships?

The crown is cleverly designed and the top is freely disassembled. Queen Mary commissioned the jeweler Garrard to make a replica of her grandmother, lady Cambridge. By the time it reached Princess Diana, the top pearl had been changed into a diamond cheap custom necklaces, and the parts of the pearl had been changed into matching earrings necklace. However, this crown is like a curse on the wearer. Any woman who owns it will not have a good relationship! The marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles is full of pain and tears.

The story of another “Pearl Tears” crown owner is equally tragic. King Otto of Greece made this crown for his wife, Amalia. It was not long before the king got a severe mental illness, and the poor Greek queen washed her face in tears all day long. This series of facts seems to confirm that “Pearl Tears” itself has an evil power, and each owner who has it have experienced relationship catastrophe.
Is Hope Diamond the Harry Winston’s stone of wealth? In the early years, “Titanic” has sensationalized the world, in the play, Rose was wearing the huge blue gem on the necklace of “The Heart of the Ocean”, which was exactly the “Hope Diamond” that made people afraid! The famous hope blue diamond necklace with picture is said to have started out at 115 carats, about the size of a walnut, and for more than 300 years it has left a trail of doom all over the world. It was first cut up by King Louis XVI of France in the 17th century, who was beheaded during the French revolution. In the 1930s, the wealthy Hop family in the UK bought it and kept the Hope family name, but the bad luck came. Until 1958, when Harry Winston, an American jeweler, owned it and gave it as a gift infinity friendship necklace to the Smith institute, the curse seemed to stop. After many years, Winston and the “Hope Diamond” were at peace. But the “Hope Diamond” seems to bring bad luck to his industry. Is the curse really over? Who knows? In recent years, Winston jewelry stores have been robbed. In recent years, Winston jewelry stores have been frequently robbed. In 2008, the biggest jewelry robbery in French history occurred in the Paris branch of Harry Winston. India once had a peasant named Dulip, who was feared that the same bloody fate of “Mountain of Light” would befall him. He had to follow the ancient scriptures and dedicate the diamond to a woman – Queen Victoria of England. For Queen Victoria, who is passionate about collecting and has countless treasures projection necklace, the Mountain of Light is the icing on the cake. Queen Victoria first made this large diamond inlaid on the boutonniere, and then used it to embellish the crown. The Mountain of Light has since become the main diamond in the British crown.

The Regent Diamond is the world’s most beautiful diamond. It is a beautiful and high quality diamond known for its rare purity and perfect cut! Once you hear the name, you know it is a treasure that is closely related to the royal family, and it has the same mystical doom as Hope Diamond. This beautiful diamond bracelet for girlfriend was discovered by a diamond mine working Indian slave. In order to take the diamond away, he did not hesitate to cut his leg and hide the diamond in the flesh to escape from the mining area. Later, this expensive diamond was bought by the French royal family and named the Regent Diamond. In 1799, Napoleon professed himself as the first consul, and he set this diamond personalized photo pendant necklace in his sword guard to fight with him. Napoleon was defeated in the battle of Waterloo, whether by a stroke of fate or by the force of a curse. After the restoration of the monarchy, Charles X put the “Regent Diamond” in the crown. During the Second World War, the Germans wanted this beautiful diamond but they couldn’t get it. In 1945, the world’s most beautiful diamonds returned to the Louvre’s Apollo Art Gallery.

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