The Do’s And Don’ts Of Wearing Bracelets For Men

The do’s And Don’ts Of Wearing Bracelets For Men


Mix and match

This means that you are allowed (and should) stack multiple bracelets at the same wrist.

Avoid stacking large bracelets as this can look clumsy and awkward.

When stacking bracelets, look to stack mid-size and smaller bracelets as these often make for a great fit together.

Leather bracelets and rolex watch

Build an appropriate collection.

Every man should strive towards building a great collection of bracelets because each piece you acquire will serve its purpose.

Decide on silver or gold

The most common metals when it comes to bracelets are silver and gold. Wheat you need to figure out is which of those metals looks best on you because that’s ultimately what will help you pick out jewelry that will look good on you.

It can be a bit of a challenge but the way to do it is understanding your undertone of your skin. If you have a warm undertone on your skin, you can quickly see that gold will suit you better. On the other hand, silver might look washed out for you so therefore, gold should be your natural choice.

If you, on the other hand, would have a cool undertone, silver would look great on you and gold would not look as great, even if it necessarily doesn’t mean that you can’t wear gold and the other way around.

An easy way to figure out if gold or silver (or both) is a great fit for you, simply put two bracelets – one gold and one silver next  to each other on your wrist and you’ll be able to tell quite quickly.

Braided leather bracelet with gold steel black push button clasp


Avoid stacking a ton of bracelets at the same time.

Depending on the size of the bracelets, you should avoid stacking more than 4 mid-size bracelets (such as the one seen in the image below) and not more than 5-6 smaller bracelets as there’s a risk of making your wrist look childish. It can also make it seem like a call for attention. Plus, when stacking too many bracelets on one wrist, each jewelry doesn’t get the attention it deserves because they are all cramped together, and lost in a sea of accessories. There’s also a risk of looking tacky.


Don’t wear the wrong bracelets on the wrong occasions

This is what having a collection of bracelets is for. Because all bracelets have their purpose, you should not wear all bracelets at all occasions.

For example, you don’t want to be stacking 5 gold bracelets at a job interview. Instead, on that occasion, you want to keep it clean and minimalistic, maybe just satisfying with one bracelet.

If you on the other want would go to a funeral, colourful and unique bracelets might not be a good fit for that occasion while they would be a great fit for a day on the beach.

Most importantly, know your bracelet’s purposes and wear them accordingly.

Braided leather with yellow gold skulls

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