DIY How to Make Your Own Friendship Bracelets

Friends are one of the absolute finest we have in life. Maybe it’s just the love of those we should celebrate. Not just on special occasions, but every day.

To show that you appreciate your friends, and to create a great bond between you and your friends, a friendship bracelet can work as a great and thoughtful gift.

How to make a friendship bracelet

  • two different colors of yarn
  • scissor
  • needle
  • tape and/or a cardboard piece to attach the threads with/on

Here’s how to braid the friendship bracelet with hearts

Both the Macrame School YouTube channel and the blog Honestly WTF have produced clear instructions on how to easily tie the heart friendship bracelet, which is made in a macrame technique. Honestly WTF has a step-by-step tutorial – check it out! Macrame School offers an instructional video:

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