Comlpete Guide to Engagement and Wedding Rings

Are you going to get married or are you getting engaged? Rings are the ultimate symbol for a relationship, and therefore, you want it to be perfect. But how do you go about buying a ring for a marriage or engagement?

Choosing the material for your ring

When you are going to wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life, it is important that everything feels right. Below we have gathered the knowledge we have about how to choose the right material, the right engraving, the right surface and much more. In short, how to choose the right engagement or wedding ring.

Red gold is a common and popular type of gold. The warm and red tone comes from copper, and the more you add, the warmer the color tone becomes. On the other hand, if you add silver, the gold becomes yellower and a little colder in the tone. The yellow color is more common in the southern parts of Europe, while the red gold is more popular in the north – generally speaking.

The standard of red gold is 18 carats which means that it contains 75% pure gold and the rest consists of copper and silver. The higher the carat content, the softer the gold becomes, and of course also more expensive. This can be thought of depending on how your work situation looks and how much you work with your hands. Therefore, gold content such as 14 and 9 carats may have its advantages. After all, one’s engagement and wedding ring should last a long time to come. Don’t confuse this gold color with rose gold which is another variant.

White gold is a popular choice when it comes to wedding and engagement rings, and many people like this material thanks to its fine white hue. When it comes to jewelry in white gold can choose from different types of alloys depending on the look and taste. White gold consists of gold, copper, silver, and palladium which is a white metal.

The surface layer of the ring can be selected with or without rhodium. Rhodium produces a more white color on the gold than if you choose jewelry with the natural color of the white gold. One thing to keep in mind is that the surface layer can wear down over time depending on how you use the jewelry, and it then needs to be redone to maintain its white color. If you choose a ring that is not rhodanised it does not require the same maintenance but the color becomes slightly less white. The choice is yours and you decide how you want your particular jewelry to look.

Pink gold, or rose gold as it is also called, has become increasingly popular in wedding and engagement rings lately. By partially replacing the silver with a larger proportion of couplers in the alloy, you get the beautiful pink, or almost red, tone. Since the pink gold consists of a larger proportion of copper, this is one of the more powerful materials.

It can resist wear effectively and is not as soft as red gold. It is easy to understand why this metal has become so popular, the pink tone is both incredibly beautiful and also fits nicely with both red and white gold. It becomes a beautiful contrast and goes well together with two-tone rings.

Palladium is a precious metal and is a fine alternative for wedding and engagement rings. The color draws against gray and in a way resembles the exclusive material platinum in expression and color, but is sold at a much lower price. It is a material that is basically completely maintenance-free and is also a bit more durable than white gold. These are some of the reasons why it is becoming an increasingly popular choice just for rings.

Palladium was originally used as an alternative to white gold and is a new precious metal in the jewelry industry.Palladium 500 consists of 50% fine palladium, 35% fine silver, and 15% copper.

Silver is an incredibly popular precious metal in jewelry making, thanks in large part to its fine white color. It is classic and gives an exclusive impression while it fits well with most other jewelry.

Although silver may not be the most common material choice when it comes to wedding and engagement rings, you should not forget its good features. In addition to being incredibly popular for its beautiful white color, it also has a significantly lower price than when compared to other precious metals.

Titanium is a lightweight material that you barely feel on your finger, but is at the same time incredibly durable and hard and resists a bit tougher stress. It has a beautiful gray color and comes in a variety of looks and texture.

With wedding rings and engagement rings made of titanium, you are offered jewelry in a beautiful gray color that feels light on your finger while being incredibly durable.

Engraving your ring

If you choose to buy your wedding, you probably want to add your own engraving. You make your ring even more personal by adding an engraving. Decide what text or pattern you want to have inside your ring. Symbolize your love by engraving each other’s names and the date of the engagement or wedding, or write something personal that only you know the meaning of.

Choose from several different styles of fonts to find your perfect personal design. The engraving is just as important as the choice of ring as this is what makes the ring just for you. You can choose from either laser or diamond engraved engraving.

Choose an engraving on the outside of your rings. That way you can really show off your love and message instead of hiding it on the inside of the ring. You can choose between different fonts and symbols that feel right for you.

In order to be able to engrave text and symbols on the outside of a ring, it must be at least 4 mm wide, 1.4 mm high and smooth in its design. A ring that is domed both internally and externally may be a maximum 7 mm wide, and a ring that is straight exterior but domed internally may not exceed 9 mm wide.

Decorate the edge of your ring with a personalized text or symbol and get a unique piece of jewelry that represents your love. For edge engraving, the ring has a minimum edge height of 2.4 mm. Choose from three different text placements depending on the look you want on your rings. All edge engravings and diamond engraved symbols you can choose to get with colorite color.

Oftentimes, people chooses to write their partner’s name together with the engagement or wedding date, but love can equally be celebrated in the form of heart or eternity symbols. The engraving is what makes the rings your own, and therefore this is at least as important as the choice of the ring.

Choosing a ring

Once you start decorating your hands it can feel difficult to walk around without a single ring. With ten fingers to adorn it can in some cases go too far and most can probably agree that the finest is one or two rings rather than the hand full of gold and stones. Anyone who likes to have many bands on their fingers can bet on ring models that include multiple bands for a cool effect.

The ring is the piece of jewelry that you are constantly aware of as you almost always see and use your hands. This also makes high demands on the jewelry that must be beautiful, comfortable, and very durable at the same time.

Anyone who likes variety can benefit greatly from the collections that jewelry designers produce, with new ring models offering the design language that they like but in a new vintage. You can get rings for yourself and instead of decorating your entire hand with the different models, you can make sure to vary so that every day offers something new. This way you can also make sure that each ring is worn less when it is not used every day.

When you see a picture of a new ring in beautiful stainless steel and with elements of cubic zirconium crystals you can get that want-I-have-you feeling. However, something that looks nice in the picture is not always nice on the finger. Of course, it is up to everyone to decide what suits their own finger shape with there are some guidelines that can be good to consider.

Anyone with long and narrow fingers can usually be assured that slightly wider rings will look good but here you should not miss wide with big. An oversized ring on a very long and narrow finger can have a clown effect. It is also important to think about the shape of the ring band. If it has edges and maybe spirals over your finger, it can affect how your hand looks. An airier ring model can make a thicker finger look consistent, so you should really consider what different models do with the appearance of your fingers.

As far as materials and elements of stones are concerned, this is, of course, a very individual thing. Anyone who loves diamond rings but who absolutely cannot afford to own 4-5 pieces can invest in beautiful creations with crystals. The crystals that come from Swarovski are so beautiful that you absolutely do not have to experience it like wearing fake jewelry on your finger.

Because designers work with such unique and fine shapes, one must realize that the value of designed rings does not necessarily lie in the material with which they are created.

Getting the ring to fit

Now you can’t just think of that beautiful thing and especially when it comes to a piece of jewelry that you have on hand. If the ring breaks or otherwise interferes with working with the hands, it is not so useful. You can, of course, get a model that is exclusively for parties, but many want to be able to enjoy a new piece of jewelry even in everyday life.

Here, it can be good to bet on rings that have a smooth shape without things sticking out or hanging. If you want a ring with a crown that includes a stone you should remember that the grip on the stone must be well designed so that you do not risk losing the stone if you expose the ring to normal wear.

Ring sizing

1. Take a ring that you already have and measure the inner diameter of the ring by measuring straight across the ring with a ruler. Read the inside dimensions in millimeters corresponds to your size.

2. If you do not have a suitable ring before, then you can measure the circumference of your finger with the help of our finger meter which we send free of charge to you.

3. Avoid measuring your finger cold, always measure the size of the evening when your finger is at its largest.

4. A wide ring usually requires a larger size than a narrow ring.

5. Be careful when measuring.

How to take care of your ring

If you have a bunch of rings in the jewelry box, it is important that you store them correctly. First and foremost, make sure the rings are not exposed to dust and dirt when stored.

Then it can be good to occasionally take the rings and clean them. Find out unique techniques for polishing steel, gold, and silver plated and other materials.

In order for crystals to remain clear and beautiful to look at, you have to keep them clean and make sure there is no dirt around the stone. One way to prevent problems with scratches and dirt is to remove the ring when cleaning, for example, ditches or showers. Also, keep the rings separate so that they do not rub against each other.

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