How to Combine Several Rings

Minimalist or maximalist. Stylish or creative chaos.

How you match rings doesn’t really matter. But to give you some inspiration for different ring combinations, we have put together our best tips on how to combine and mix and match several rings.

1. Select the star

If you still prefer to wear rings on multiple fingers, my tip is to choose a ring that is the main number and that the rest of the rings may be the background dancers. A large powerful ring comes into its own if it is combined with simple thin rings and not outcompeted by other heavy rings. It also gets restful to the eye.

2. Match different surfaces

Mixing different patterns and styles can usually feel a little unfamiliar. But rings with different textures and surface patterns will be a magical combination! Bark hammered with hammered, glossy with mat – test yourself to find a style you like.

3. Mix silver and gold

A major styling no-no has previously been to mix gold and silver jewelry in their clothing. But thankfully it is no longer! The gold earrings can definitely be matched with a silver necklace. And if you know rings in both gold and silver (or why not white gold?), You should have it! It’s free and fun! I am currently driving a silver ring and a gold ring to my wedding ring – the same width on both rings, but that one ring has a small stone.

4. Concentrate on one finger

Add a few rings to your ring finger. A good look is when you put a lot of focus on one finger and that the rings are built on the height. For example, match the wedding rings with an opal ring. The trick here is to combine many narrow rings on one finger and leave the rest of the fingers bare.

Worth noting when wearing multiple rings on the same finger is that it may feel a little “tight”, as the skin has nowhere to take the road. Sometimes you may need to go up a ring size so that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

5. Go “all in”

In style, you can never have too many rings in my book. The last styling tip for matching rings is, therefore: Go for it! So it is not a question of choosing and throwing away, but of driving with everything you like. Take all the rings you like, put them on your hand, and see what it will be. The only thing that can feel “wrong” with this style is that the rings hit each other between the fingers (how much depends on how big the rings are). But you can live with that – just because it’s so pretty.

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