How to Clean Your Gold Jewelry

Although gold cannot be discolored or irritated like other metals, it can attract dirt and lose its luster. Fortunately, keeping gold jewelry shiny clean is relatively easy. You don’t have to be professionals to clean your gold jewelry. It is easy to do in the home.

To keep the gold shiny, you just need to follow the following tips and advice:

Cleaning of gold jewelry (without gems):

  • You can clean pure gold with only soap and water. But this works best on smoother parts that are free of gemstones. For example, gold necklaces or wedding rings.
  • Fill a prey with hot, water. Pour in a few drops of soap. Place your gold jewelry in the water and leave for about 20 minutes. Then remove the jewelry from the water and let it air dry on a clean cotton towel.

How to clean gold jewelry with gemstones

  • Even if you have gold jewelry with precious stones, they can be cleaned at home without damaging the stones. The important thing to remember is never to soak them as the water can penetrate the frame and discolor or dissolve it. So instead of soaking this jewelry – dip a piece of cloth in the liquid and rub it gently over the different parts. Then use a dry piece of cloth and wipe the jewelry with afterward.

If you have gold jewelry where it can be difficult to access certain parts, use a soft toothbrush that you dipped in water.

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