How to Choose Gemstone for Engagement and Wedding Ring

When choosing stones, you can ask your jeweler for different alternatives. Make sure you say what color you want and what size, so they can help you by providing different suggestions. You can also mention your budget. This way your jeweler can find the best option for you, your wishes, and your budget. There are so many more gems out there than the ones I mentioned in this post.

If you do not want a classic smooth ring but for example, an alliance ring or solitaire ring, the stone/stones themselves are a big part of the appearance of the ring. When choosing a stone it is important that you think about durability, the stone is meant to last for many years to come.

In this post, we will tell you about some gemstones that I think are suitable to use in a ring to use daily.
In terms of sustainability, a diamond is always the best choice, but often also the most expensive. When talking about the hardness of stones you talk about Moh’s hardness scale, this scale goes from 0-10 where the diamond has just 10.

Diamonds come in many different colors. And several different shapes (from raw to different grinding). If you can afford it, it is advised to choose a diamond for an engagement or wedding ring. If there are many small stones to go into a ring, there is hardly any price difference to other gems.

Sapphire is another good alternative and has a 9a on Moh’s hardness scale. However, despite being 9/10, it is far from as durable as diamond and the sapphire will wear in a completely different way over the years. Sapphire is very affordable and you can get a fairly large stone at a fraction of the price of a similar diamond. Sapphires come in all colors except red, the red is called the ruby.

Morganite, emerald, and aquamarine belong to all mineral groups and mean that they have hardness 8. These also work in an engagement or wedding ring, but you should be aware that in the long term the stone will wear off daily use like sapphires. These are also often very good in price when compared to diamonds. Emeralds, the green variety, on the other hand, can be very expensive in good quality.

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